What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?

What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?
Remember: "When God closes a door, He always opens a window!" You never know what might be out there waiting for you!

Friday, December 8, 2023

Friday Advent Window


A glorious sunrise greeted us this morning...

A chilly start to another lovely day...

I am running a bit behind in my posting, and usually don't get around to writing until later in the evening, so this "Friday" post will most likely not get seen until Saturday. Oh well! I should be doing my Christmas cards right now, but I just can't seem to get with the program, so I will sit here and write and maybe I will get inspired to write our annual Christmas letter.  We've sent out a Christmas letter for almost every year since I can remember. Oftentimes it was a way to let people know where we were and if we had a new address. I would try to send them out early enough so people would know where to send our Christmas cards! LOL.  Thankfully we have settled down (hopefully for good, but I never can promise anything...that's God's department, not mine), and our address should remain the same for many more years, Lord willing.  

I had to get some more printer ink before I could write the letter, and then I had to get some Christmas cards to put with the letter .  We went to Walmart the other day looking for boxes of Christmas cards, and they did not have a one! Not one box! They had some little packages of a few cards and single cards, but no boxes! I ran into several people also looking for cards, and we even had some interesting conversations about the issue...total strangers all with the same problem! Except for one dear lady who informed us when she overheard a couple of us ladies commiserating, that she ordered her cards months ago from some company that prints the signature and the return address on the envelope and all she had to do was put them in the envelopes and address them and put on the stamp, and she already mailed all her cards the day after Thanksgiving!  I wanted to say "Well bless your heart" to her, and of course mean it in a very sweet southern way, of course...but I refrained and thanked her for the kind information, because someone might misconstrue what I meant by "bless your heart".  It seems there's a double meaning for that here in the south...and truly I only want to express good will and Christmas joy wherever I go...

Well anyway, I digress. I came home and ordered cards online and they were delivered within two days. So now I need to get to work on them. I am learning about this online shopping. Pretty soon there will be no need for regular stores. Just order it and have it delivered.  It's all too convenient. I do appreciate it, but it isn't good for the small business people.  Although I do believe there will always be a need for places to shop. It's just a part of our culture and DNA.  

Okay, I am sorry if it seems as though I am writing a speech or something. It's time to slow down and have a moment of peace and rest.  How about you?  I know some of you may also feel the need to put everything on "pause" for a little while and just dwell in the quietness of the real meaning of Christmas...a little newborn Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger...a rustic cattle stall, because there was no room in the Inn.  (Luke 2:7)

Can you imagine with me how all of nature just stopped and knelt down in awe and wonder when that baby was born?  

I wonder if even the little woodland creatures knew that this was their Creator, wrapped in human flesh and lying in that manger? 

He was not just any Babe; this baby was sent to us to give us faith, hope, and love...and to "guide our hearts forever".  
This baby was Jesus,  "
The Wonderful Counselor, 

the Mighty God, 

the Everlasting Father, 

the Prince of Peace...

Of the greatness of his government and peace there will be no end."
Isaiah  9:6-7

Matthew 1:22-23
"22 So all this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying: 23 “Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel,” which is translated, “God with us.”

Here is a song I just discovered, "His Name is Wonderful", originally by Chris Tomlin. Kind of a nice way to finish this Advent Window for today...

And now to get those Christmas cards done...

Good Night friends...Have a blessed weekend...


  1. Beautiful Nativity scenes, Pam! Jesus IS the reason!! I used to order cards with return addresses and my/our name inside the card but I can't afford those anymore. I got some very pretty cards through Amazon's outlet. The cost about a third of what I used to pay. I need to get mine ready to mail this weekend. Hugs!!

  2. I did order my cards for this year last January. I've always bought my cards the day or two after Christmas at Walmart, but last year I couldn't find any. So I ordered them. I walked through the Christmas aisles as soon as the Christmas decor was put out and once again, NO cards. What's up Walmart? I'm sure glad I ordered mine last year because I wanted to get them out early because we have yet another new address this year. The 5th one in 2 1/2 years! Like you, I'm really hoping that this will be our last address, Lord willing.
    I hope your weekend is a lovely one.

  3. We got our cards from Hobby Lobby last weekend. No one seems to have much to pick from...anyways...wishing you a beautiful day.

  4. Funny lady! You had me giggling over here, imagining the look on that lady's face if you said, "Bless your heart"! Two (three?) years after the fact, I still feel a little sad about no longer sending Christmas cards. Not only the crazy cost of postage, I finally realized so many names and faces are no longer with us -- my parent's generation were so good that way. How I looked forward to reading their annual Christmas letters! Of course, that was before the internet, but still.
    Thank you for blessing us with this song choice. New to me, too!

  5. I’m glad you were able to get your cards. I used to order cards online at work but I don’t think I ever ordered any for us. For the future, if you have a Hobby Lobby, they have boxed Christmas cards. I got the ones from the church there. They were 50% off. I’ve done that the last couple years.

    I love all your nativities. They are each so beautiful and I love the scriptures you shared. Your morning sky photos are beautiful! Have a blessed day Pam.

  6. I've bought my Christmas cards at one of our thrift stores for the last 2-3 years. They're 10 for 25 cents. Think most are leftovers from folks, but I've found many with Bible verses which I like. With the cost of postage, thrifting has helped. This year is mainly family and closest of friends. Blessings . . .

  7. Your nativity scenes are all so precious, Pamela. Jesus should be our focus in this season of joy as we remember His coming into the world and look forward to His return!
    Christmas cards? I just started working on mine yesterday; they are ones my mother had. Not what I would choose if I were buying them, but it would be a waste not to use them. I knew I would need more cards and was happy to find some at my local Walgreen's. I'm sure I paid too much, but that's okay. I'll probably order Christmas cards for next year.

  8. You have some really nice nativities! Yeah within my circle of friends and family, no one does Christmas cards. We do phone calls mostly. It sounds kinda pitiful but so many that would be on my “list” have died. And they weren’t old either. Just within the last 10 years! Lost track of some who decided to just drop off the map and don’t want to be found. Maybe it’s a more recent California thing. I know most younger people do not do cards at all. My mom used to go all out sending out cards and displaying them. Oh we get an occasional card here and there, from the insurance agent or Doctors office! 😁

  9. Glad you got your cards. I love sending them, writing them, receiving them. The pleasure for others is well worth the price of a card and stamp. Most people eat out and don’t thing twice or spend so much at grocery. A Christmas card is a gift……I also pray for those who send them to me. When I see the envelope…when I open card…read it..and each time I look at it…I grin and pray…Brenda

  10. Beautiful post, Pam, pictures and words. We discovered that buying a fresh evergreen wreath is not as easy as usual. Lowe's was completely out; did find some nice ones at Home Depot. We're taking them to the cemetery this week. But for a time we thought we were going to have to go with artificial ones, which would be forever lost to the cemetery ground-keeping crews when the season is over.

  11. I got my cards done because it gave me something to do when we babysat the dogs last week. Glad your cards came quickly. I love all of the nativities that you shared. Beautiful.....

  12. Oh Pamela - I understand the holiday rush. I am working on Christmas cards myself. I bought Christmas cards last year when they were on clearance, and I also make my own cards. I just got them in the mail on Saturday. By the way, would love to send you a card, don't think I have your address. Your nativity scenes are gorgeous! I just love all the beautiful creations you have. Many blessings to you dear friend!

  13. Happy Advent to you all. Beautiful crib and statues.

    God bless.


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