What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?

What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?
Remember: "When God closes a door, He always opens a window!" You never know what might be out there waiting for you!

Friday, December 1, 2023

Friday Foto Friends~ It's December!!

Happy December 1st, 2023!  Can we believe that December is finally here? I know, for some it has seemed like a very long year...but for many of us, we can't figure out where all the time has gone. The year has just flown by, even with all of its ups and downs, goods and bads...(is that a word?)...There may be a few happy to see the year coming to an end.  But let us enjoy this month first...

I'm sure many of you have already put up your Christmas tree...I wonder how many still go out and cut a real tree...or do you purchase a live tree from a lot somewhere...or I expect the majority of us have artificial trees that we have to pull out of storage and put back together...with or without lights attached already?    
John Sloane "Country Seasons" 2023 Calendar for December

Some of my fondest memories are of when our little family went out to find "the perfect tree".  When we lived up north we often went out in the freezing weather and snow...like those sweet children above (but without the draft horses and big wagon, sadly...I would have loved that!)...and my hubby and children patiently waited on me to find that perfect tree. Every side, up and down, had to be inspected for bare spaces and proper fullness, the right height and perfect shape.  It was a toe and nose numbing experience...but once the right tree was finally found we cut it down and dragged it back to our car and tied it on top and away we went...hoping it would actually fit inside the house!

This fuzzy picture below is an example of one of those special Christmas trees...That tree you see standing in the background behind my hubby and our three sons on Christmas morning in Ohio many years ago...that tree was originally about 20 feet tall, and we cut off the top 10 feet of it for our tree! We had 10' tall ceilings in that old house, and I was determined to find a tree to reach the top even if we had to cut down a whole big tree, which we did...probably much to the chagrin of the tree owner...but he actually didn't mind and was happy for us to have it.  You can see it helped make our Christmas merry and bright!
If you want to hear the whole story of that Christmas, you can read about it HERE, "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas".

Here's a link to a more recent search for the "perfect Christmas Tree"

So December also is the beginning of Advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas, the Advent of our Lord.  It's not just about Christmas trees and gifts and shopping and baking and all of the "fun stuff", but it's about the most special gift ever...the "Gift" of God's "only begotten Son", sent to us with love from God the Father.

And that perfect gift was sent to us so that we might have peace...

Yes, in the world we do have much tribulation, but we can be of good cheer, because Christ has overcome the world, and through Him we too are overcomers! Praise God for this amazing gift...free to all who will accept it.

I continue on with the pictures from my December calendars...this one is on the Teapot Calendar:
I wonder how often we have felt "relieved by a summons to tea"...or dinner or a call to come away from whatever we are doing that may or may not be so pleasant to come to that which gives us a time of rest and refreshment.  I know that during the busy times of this month it might be a nice idea to take some breaks and enjoy a little tea time either by yourself or with a friend...it can certainly refresh our spirits and help us keep things in perspective...

I haven't done much decorating yet, but here's what I've managed so far...

I love this little "Recipe for a Happy Christmas"~
I love those happy thoughts, don't you?

And what a thought provoking "thought for the day" this is:

I like this idea...yes, we need to laugh often and sweetly...and "radiate widely your pleasure and health."
I think that goes along nicely with the idea of the verse I shared recently 
"The Joy of the Lord is your strength."  Nehemiah 8:10.
When we know the Lord His joy bubbles up from within us and radiates out to everyone we meet.
That should be our goal for this season of "comfort and joy".  

God rest ye merry gentlemen Let nothing you dismay Remember Christ our Savior Was born on Christmas Day To save us all from Satan's pow'r When we were gone astray Oh tidings of comfort and joy Comfort and joy Oh tidings of comfort and joy In Bethlehem, in Jewry This blessed Babe was born And laid within a manger Upon this blessed morn The which His Mother Mary Did nothing take in scorn Oh tidings of comfort and joy Comfort and joy Oh tidings of comfort and joy From God our Heavenly Father A blessed Angel came, And unto certain Shepherds Brought tidings of the same, How that in Bethlehem was born The Son of God by name. Oh tidings of comfort and joy Comfort and joy Oh tidings of comfort and joy

 Have a blessed December/Advent/Preparation for the Advent of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord!


  1. Oh, I love that sweet song! You know, I've never known anyone before this who went out to cut their own tree. I'll bet your home smelled wonderfully ... something no artificial air freshener can duplicate. Since our last 'real' tree killed the Electrolux vacuum cleaner some 15 years ago, we've gone with the artificial variety. Not nearly as romantic, but then it's just us two old codgers (lol).

    PS - Scott's visor in the first photo cracks me up. How precious!

  2. We never cut our own tree. I'm not sure where my dad bought them but we had real trees until those plastic silver ones came out with the turning light colors. Yes. Mom had to have it. We only used it one year. It was awful!! LOL I love your memories and photos, Pam!! God is so good!! Happy weekend!

  3. Hi Pamela. I am catching up on a couple of your posts. So sorry that you are still having issues with your back. I don't blame you, I wouldn't use the muscle relaxant anymore either. I hate the side effects of some medicines and try to avoid them whenever possible. That is a precious picture of your husband and boys. Good memories. I hope you are having a good Christmas season and that you have a good weekend.

  4. We used to cut our trees some years when we lived in Spokane but normally have artificial trees. I gave our tree(s) away when we sold the house in Spokane because we were going to live in the trailer and travel the country. Well, plans change and we had to come back home and care for Mom. So when we were in the house we bought a new tree two years ago. Then last year when we thought we would NEVER get a condo here and planned to just stay in the apartment, I gave our tree to a newly single Mom who's husband left her with three tiny girls because the two year old had cancer and he "didn't sign up for that." Just up and left. THEN the Mom found out she had breast cancer. She had no money for a tree or gifts so we gave them our tree and some $ for gifts. I hope it blessed her. We had no room for a tree in the apartment anyway and were happy using our little tree from the trailer.
    Now that little tree is in our bedroom and we went out and bought a new artificial one from Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. It's up and lights on but still needs to be decorated. That will be done tomorrow with Piper's help. Sorry for rambling on and on.
    Take care my dear friend.
    Blessings and hugs,

  5. Happy December 1st to you dear Pamela. I was surprised to see you used to have a 10 foot tree. I'd love one that high too but I imagine it took a lot of time and care to decorate it and more so to reach the top of it! I did put up my Christmas tree and it is pre-lit, praise the Lord. I haven't put any baubles on it yet so it won't be lit up until then. I think I also need to get an extension cord to be able to plug it in. It's just a small one and every year it seems to be in a different spot because I'm forever moving things around as I declutter. It's taking me forever but little by little it will get done. Both the decorating and the decluttering.

  6. Growing up, we always had a fresh-cut tree, Pam. When Danny and I got married, he already had a large artificial one, so I made the switch. This year, we bought a new artificial tree that isn't quite so large as the former one, and fits our living room much better. It's already up and decorated, and is such a delight to look at.
    May your Advent be blessed, my friend!

  7. Pam: Jim grew up in a rural area. He talks about cutting Christmas trees each year. He tells the story of finding one. cutting it down, then finding one he liked better. And repeating the process over and over until he and his uncle found THE right one. I bought a new tree this year. It was supposed to be two foot tall. Part of the measurement may have been the burlap wrapped "stand". It has battery powered lights and sits on my great-grandma's library table in the corner of our living room. Enjoy this Advent season. Loved hearing the carols you have chosen to play on here. Peace and blessings to you and yours.


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