What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?

What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?
Remember: "When God closes a door, He always opens a window!" You never know what might be out there waiting for you!

Monday, March 4, 2024

Monday Monday...Got nothing much to say!

 Here it is Monday, and I am pretty much at a loss for words. Let's see how long that lasts! LOL.  I think I said enough last week to make up for this week.  I wonder where I left off?  Let's see...I just spent a little time "porch sitting" on this beautiful not yet spring but it sure feels like it day here in north central Florida. I have actually been feeling a bit under the weather today, so I stayed home from Bible Study to just try to rest and stay quiet for a while. 

Here's where I was: 

And this is what I saw:

This bluebird couple seems to be a different pair, and they are showing interest in building a nest in the first birdhouse on the left.  I guess I don't have a picture of that to show you this time, but if you recall another couple has already claimed the other birdhouse on the right, but I haven't seen much of them lately, so I'm thinking maybe they started nesting too early and things didn't happen they way they expected.

So now this couple has shown up and this seems more like the right timing for nesting, so we shall see what, if anything, develops!

And while sitting there on "Pamela's Paradise Porch" (the sign was a gift from my friend "Pamela", who is moving back up north and no longer needs this sign so she gave it to me), anyway, I digress, while sitting there Mrs. Sand Hill Crane walked by. She is on a break while Mr. Crane sits on the nest for her.

She's filling up on lots of food to help tide her over until the next break...

There's Mr. Crane, doing his husbandly duty of giving Mrs. Crane a break.  At least I think that's who it is. They switch back and forth throughout the day, so I really don't know which one is which anymore, but at least they know who they are and they have things under control!  They are both very dedicated to their task!

Back inside the house, Lily Grace wanted to say hello! She is dressed up in her original outfit as when she arrived here a little over three years ago already!  Gosh! Has it really been three years? She certainly turned our little world upside down and sideways when she arrived, and even though we aren't quite as active with her special adventures as before, (you can read more about her on her own blog site HERE), she still has a very active role in our daily fun and frolics. I just seem to have run out of steam for keeping up with "helping her write" her own blog. It's all I can do to write my own and keep up with everyone else's blogs too!

To follow up on the story about the "letting go" of my Grandma Tedlie's 123 year old dresser from last Friday,  I did find out that the dresser has already been sold from our church's thrift store, and an "older couple" who are farmers apparently bought it.  My prayers go with them and I hope they will enjoy this very special old piece of family history.  Speaking of which, I thought you'd enjoy seeing some pictures that I took before I cleaned out that old dresser...these are pictures of the top two drawers, mine is first...

And hubby's is here:

Yes, they were pretty messy and not very well organized.

Now, in the new dresser seen below, those top "3" drawers are actually just two drawers. One narrow one on the left, and the middle and right hand are actually combined into one wider drawer:

So, again, I have the narrow drawer on the left, which doesn't hold as much as my previous dresser drawer, but I still have my old original journal in there just like before:
And then hubby has the wider drawer, but there are a few of my things in there as well, but the rest is his. He has quite a collection of ink pens, and they are stored in this drawer, along with our stuffed pet "Ratty", who has been with us for many years and shows up in the strangest of places when you least expect him. LOL. Right now he is quietly plotting his next "move" to startle one or the other of us. 

I had to reorganize the rest of my personal stuff to make it all fit in the other drawers of the dresser. Hubby has another tall dresser that belonged to his father that he uses for his "personal stuff" and unmentionables. LOL.   No pictures of the other drawers. I think I've shown you too much already. LOL.

Anyway, I'm glad that saga is over and life can move on to something else. I honestly cannot believe how happy I am that I made the decision to "let go" of that old dresser! It has truly set me free!

And now I do feel very content with what I have and am thankful for how God has blessed us in so many more ways than just material goods.  Here's some good thoughts for today:
There can be no better promise than knowing that God has said He will never leave us nor forsake us! Thank You, Lord!

I hope you have a blessed and wonderful rest of your week. See you later!

(I guess I did find a few things to say after all! LOL).


  1. The view from your desk is so nice. Sometimes you do have to stay home and stay quiet and just soak up some sun and some fresh air and nature around you. It is very refreshing and in this world we need refreshing of body and of spirit each day. Yes, you had things to say and they were good things too!

  2. I think bluebirds are so pretty!
    Glad your dresser is already spoken for. I bet that couple is just thrilled! Your new drawers look nicely organized!

  3. I love seeing the cranes and the blue birds. You've inspired me to go sit on our front porch for a few minutes. Have a great day.

  4. The birds ... love the bird photos best. I'm glad the dresser will be cared for by those that appreciate it. Blessings. 💙

  5. You have such a beautiful place to sit and watch the birds each day. How fun to watch the bluebirds prepare their nest and the cranes take care of their eggs with so much dedication.
    Everyone has to have a drawer like that for the "bits and bobs" in our lives. Ours seems to be full of charging cords for devices that we probably don't even have anymore. :-)
    Blessings and hugs,

  6. Those blue birds are so beautiful! It's nice that the cranes have an equal partnership in raising their young. I'm glad someone got the dresser and will no doubt love it as much as you and your ancestors have loved it. Now you can enjoy your lovely new dresser with drawers that pull out more easily. Hoping you feel much better tomorrow, Pam!! Sending love, hugs, and prayers!

  7. Your porch features an endless stream of entertainment. I would love to be sitting right there with you!
    Have a great week, Pamela!

  8. You always have something special to share and this post was perfect. There are ebbs and flows in life and I love how you embrace them. I loved seeing the contents of your drawers.....I am nosy about things like that!
    Wish we lived closer! We would have tea together and visit!
    Son Dean saw a pair of bluebirds a few days before we went down there but we never saw them.

  9. I am in love with your view from your porch and those chairs and I really enjoyed the views for the drawers. Every time I organize a drawer, sometime in the near future it will be just like it was. the handkerchiefs are like my mothers, but she had an entire drawer full of hankies. I am now wondering where you are in north central Fl, we are in central west coast, Bradenton/Sarasota, just south of Tampa.

  10. As ever, these are exquisite captures of the blue birds!
    How fun to see the contents of your dresser drawers. For sure, a reflection of our life and times!


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