What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?

What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?
Remember: "When God closes a door, He always opens a window!" You never know what might be out there waiting for you!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas at The Cabin ~ Updated

This story was originally written in 2008 for my Father's Christmas card, after my Mother had passed away in 2006.  In 2011, my Father joined my Mother in heaven, and the family home was sold and all the family belongings were dispersed to the four winds (and the four kids).  But the happy memories linger...and those can never be taken away. I originally posted this story in 2010, but just thought you'd enjoy reading it again.

"The Cabin" drawn by my father, William F. Mursch, circa 1933
Story written by Pamela Mursch Steiner, for the Mursch Family Christmas Card, 2008

A long time ago in a land far away, a young man spent his summers and weekends helping his father build the family vacation home, better known as “The Cabin”. It was a rustic and quiet place, far from the black soot and noise of the big steel mills in the city. Oftentimes some of the gang from college would go up to “The Cabin” with the young man to spend the weekend in the woods, just having plain good fun away from their hard work at school.

Three Beautiful Girls...(front) (Dad Mursch's sisters:) Marion Mursch Ryder and
Ruth Mursch Gammie. (Back) Dorothea Tedlie Mursch (my mother)  This
was taken  at The Cabin either before or shortly after my parents were married.
On one such weekend the young man was looking forward to his trip to the cabin, for his sister had promised him a “surprise”. She was bringing up a friend from the city...a young lady who yearned for the fresh air of the country…

That weekend forever changed history in the life of this young man...for when he saw the beautiful girl with the dimpled knees coming across the field to meet him, his fate was sealed. His heart went out to her at first sight and he told his college friend beside him, “That’s the girl I’m going to marry!”

And so after a night of walking and talking with this beautiful maiden and singing in the moonlight together, her heart too reached out to his, and in a short time they became Man and Wife.

“The Cabin” became ever engrained in their hearts as the beginning place of great joy and happy memories. Even when they lived on their own farm just a few miles away, they still spent many holidays with loved ones and friends at “The Cabin”.

As the years went by, the family moved south to find better opportunities, and “The Cabin” was sold to a new family. Our “couple” was now a family of six, and the young man built a new home, with the help of his retired father, working together side by side as once before. This new home was built of brick and mortar instead of logs and chinking. It soon became the place for all the family gatherings and times of making happy memories together.

Christmas at their home was always a very joyous time, with the whirring sounds of a toy locomotive running under the tree, a warm fire by which to hang our stockings with care, the aroma of Mom’s apple pies and sugar cookies baking in the oven, and the sounds of Santa’s sleigh bells ringing with a “Ho Ho Ho!” shouted from somewhere in the night stillness filling our minds with wonder and delight!

Now the once young man (at the time of the original writing in 2008)  has reached his ninetieth year, and his beautiful girl with the dimpled knees is running through the fields of glory, helping the angels build the new “Cabin” in heaven, as she looks forward to welcome him there someday. He sits by his fireside and remembers all the good times they had together, and reminisces about all the friends and loved ones who have gone on before him, and especially those idyllic days of yore spent at “The Cabin” with his beautiful girl.

Oh what happy memories! God so truly blessed this family with such a home! Only God knew what joy was in store for that young man and young lady on that day at The Cabin...for 64 years their time together was so precious! And that couple became a family of six, which added four “in-law” children, plus many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and the family traditions go on and on...The sons build their houses and the daughters bake the pies like their mother taught them. The grandchildren and great grandchildren play with the trains and the dolls and carry on the family traditions each in their own way.

Thank you, Lord, for these precious memories....

May Christmas at your "Cabin" be a time of joy and peace,
filled with happy memories for all!
"The Cabin" Birdhouse, built by my son Benton Steiner, circa 2010,
which now sits on our bookshelves to remind us of those pleasant memories every day.


  1. Oh--I want a cabin birdhouse!!! We spent so many happy times as children at that cabin in the woods! Picnics with fresh corn on the cob from our farm, badmitton games, stringing beads from Grandma's special box, sitting by the big fireplace, and oh! that outhouse--waaayyy out in the woods!! I also loved the May apples in the woods next to the porch that looked like little umbrellas! And the hammock between the trees that we loved to lie in! I loved it there!!

  2. Great memories... God Bless you and your family...

  3. Thanks, jmbfishes (Mike?)...We have both been blessed with good family memories. May God continue to bless and keep you in His love and care. Your "old" neighbor and school mate.

  4. Doris, my sister, and fellow-outhouse goer...Thank you for sharing your memories of the Cabin above...your memories are much clearer than mine, since I was "so much younger..." :-)
    Yes, it was a special place for us as children...and I can still smell the distinct aroma of the creosote painted logs...a smell that will always stir up pleasant memories of The Cabin. As far as having a Cabin Birdhouse, you will have to speak to Benton about that...this one is going to Grandpa for Father's Day!

  5. Though I was even younger than you, my favorite memory was listening to the sounds of my mother playing the old pump organ! I wanted one of my own for years.

  6. It's beautiful! Great job! I somehow knew that was what he was making this time! I hope he kept the pattern--a second one will be easier!!!
    I also remember sleeping in the loft-listening to the rain on the roof! Anytime I hear that, it takes me back to that time. I had a couple of bricks from the old bar-b-q pit outside. Can't we just go back in time????

  7. Yes, it is Mike... I remember that being your "young" neighbor was fun... I like your blog very much. Keep it up!

  8. LOL: Mike...ah...the innocence of childhood...
    Becky: Yeah, we all loved that old pump organ. How I wish they had kept it. It was so much fun. And yes, Doris, the sounds of rain on the roof while sleeping in the loft...anytime I hear rain on a roof it takes me back there. I also remember getting into Grandma's liquid rouge on the dresser in her bedroom...she was not very pleased with me...and I can imagine I looked pretty funny! I also remember the swing out in the front yard...we'd swing so high and then jump out...I thought I had broken my arm one time when I landed...but I guess I was ok. Wow...amazing what memories keep popping up. Thanks for sharing! Wish we could go back in time too...just the way we were...

  9. Pam, I love your writing style and this story. I could actually smell the sugar cookies again. I remember well the aroma of Snickerdoodles baking in the oven.

  10. Rhonda: mmmmmmm, snickerdoodles....I must bake some soon. Thanks for remembering!

  11. What a beautiful story! Seems like an old movie... the kind of love that is so rare in our world. Love the artwork...

    1. Thank you, Pam. Yes, my parents' love story was indeed beautiful. Now they are both enjoying the beauty of heaven together. My father joined my mother there in April of 2011. I'm so glad Daddy shared this story with me while he was still able to do so. Now it will live on!

  12. Oh Pamela, what a beautiful story! What cherished memories to savor over and over. I so wish I had listened more carefully and asked more questions. Love the cabin birdhouse and all the smaller items surrounding it, especially the picture of your parents.

  13. Truly a love story if I've ever read one, Pamela, and what fantastic memories you have! Thanks so much for sharing the story and your photos. The birdhouse cabin is a gem!

  14. I enjoy hearing stories like this I especially like your cabin bird house. Thank you for brightening up my day.

  15. Pam, Thank you for sharing this amazing love story and the beauty of the cabin and the house--both built with love, holding many memories.



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