What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?

What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?
Remember: "When God closes a door, He always opens a window!" You never know what might be out there waiting for you!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Friday Foto Friends - It's February!

 Who can believe it is already February?!!  It just doesn't seem possible that this year is flying by so quickly!  So I turned the pages on my calendars today and smiled at this picture on my "Cabin View" calendar...doesn't that look inviting?  Sitting on the front porch of a log cabin, overlooking a beautiful lake, and getting the fishing poles ready to go fishing.  I can imagine that many of you who live in our northern regions are chuckling and saying something like "it will be June or July before it looks like that again!!' This week has been quite the cold one everywhere...even here in Florida it dipped down to near freezing, and has been too chilly for taking very many good walks, so my pictures will be limited to either inside or, well...let's see what I can find:

Here's the February page on the Teapots Calendar...isn't that pretty? Makes me want to have a tea party...

 Maybe I need to plan a tea party sometime this month...

I managed to get a Valentine's wreath on the front door...

We went to Walmart yesterday and they have their pansies and violas already...so I had to get some to brighten up the front porch...

Aren't they sweet?  

They have such cute faces...

I know you are wondering what this is:   This is a bud on one of my camellia bushes. This particular plant isn't looking too good...it sits in too much sunlight and just hasn't done very well, and this is the only bud I see on it...which surprised me to even find this one. It was hiding under the leaf...so I will be watching it to see what it looks like when it opens...you may be the first to know!

Back inside I wanted to share this picture with you. This silk flower arrangement was given to us in memory of my mother in law (at her funeral back in August) from some dear friends of hers. I love it because it has a sweet little angel sitting in the middle.  A friend of mine recently gave me some little " LED fairy lights" and also some little white flowers with LED lights inside them, and so I wound them around in this arrangement and now it lights up the flowers and looks so pretty.  

It sits here in the dining room next to "Baby Elva" and also next to the rocking chair where Nanny (my MIL) always sat to visit with me when I was busy in the kitchen. That just seems like a fitting spot to remind me of her. Hard to believe she's been gone almost six months already. 
We miss her so much.

(Please notice that "Baby Elva" is all wrapped  up in her blankie due to the very cold temperatures this week. I won't tell you who wrapped her up to keep her warm, but it wasn't me...However, I just realized that I need to change her outfit before our company arrives later today. She's still wearing her Christmas dress underneath that blankie, and it is time to put on her pretty little Valentine's Dress.)

There, now "Baby Elva" is all ready for company this afternoon, wearing her pretty red Valentine's Dress. Her little friends Bear Bear and Puppy are happy to see you too!

We are looking forward to some special guests Friday afternoon...one of our wonderful blogging friends, Barbara from "Sweet Tea and Sandals", and her hubby will be passing through our area and stopping by for a visit! I am so excited to get to meet them in person.  Hopefully we will remember to take some pictures to share with you!  Any time any of you are passing through or near enough to meet close by, please don't hesitate to let me know so we can arrange to get together. I feel like we are all "old friends" already because we share such personal things from the heart here on our blogs...so it really is like visiting with someone you already know and love.

Okay friends, it IS Friday Foto Friends, so let's all gather over at Deb' place, Breathing in Grace, and see what everyone else is doing.  Have a blessed and marvelous weekend...and keep looking up!! God is still on His throne, and we have not been forgotten.

Hebrews 13:5  (NKJV)

5 "Let your conduct be without covetousness; be content with such things as you have. For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Happy February!

Y'all come!!
(This "Closed Door" will gladly open when you arrive!)


  1. I have a real good guess as to who it was that wrapped up Baby Elva in her warm blanket. Beloved has been known to interact with my Staff from time to time, too!

    We'll see you this afternoon! I know we will have the most wonderful visit!!!

  2. What a nice post-Loving baby Elva all dressed up for company. I hope you have a really good visit with Barbara. I love her blog, too.
    Have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana

  3. Oh, I love the color of the door. I think I have that same wreath in my stash. Baby Elva is a sweetie! And I love fairy lights Thanks for being so faithful to link up each week. I'm trying to do better at visiting, at least on Fridays. Between my Momma and all the cleaning out I'm doing, my time is limited! Hope you have a great weekend 💜

  4. I'm thinking of painting my front door to add color - it's now white on a white house. Love yours!

  5. Love that door ! I want to repaint my front door and thinking Spring might be a good time to do it . Can you believe January is gone? Baby Elva is so cute .❤️ Tea party sounds so nice . I keep saying i need to have something for a few friends to enjoy such as a tea party but i just can’t seem to get it squeezed in on a schedule . Maybe soon . Hugs and blessings , Cindy

  6. Baby Elva is so sweet, her red Christmas dress looks good for a Valentine dress too! The flower arrangement is so pretty and I love the lights. I think it's wonderful that your going to meet one of our blogger friends, hope you take lots of pictures to share with all of us!!

    1. Actually, that is her Valentine dress. You can't see the little hearts on the skirt. I'll have to take another picture. I will post a picture later of Barbara and I, and she is holding baby Elva. Sure would be fun for all of us to meet!

  7. Wow, I love those flowers. You will probably see daffodils and forsythia soon. Have a great weekend.

  8. such a beautiful blog...comforting words, Jackie from uk :)

  9. Love all the flower pics! Have a great week!

  10. Pam: I love your wreath. When the weather breaks, I plan on getting out and do some shopping. It's definitely too early for real flowers here in the snow and ice. We received at least 4" of snow after the cold weather left us. It is supposed to be warmer over the weekend. And then start to decline again. Peace and blessings.

  11. I loved that flower arrangement with the LED lights in memory of your MIL. Six months? It doesn't seem possible. What a sweet way to remember her. And I think I'm going to have to look for a Valentine's decoration for our door - just love yours!
    Blessings, Pamela!

  12. What a lovely lighted arrangement. Elva looks all cozy too. I hope you have a great time with your company. :)

  13. Loved looking at all the signs of spring in your part of the country. Those pansies and violas are gorgeous and the promise of Camillas soon coming into bloom...wow. I didn't realize how much I missed color until I visited here. :) Our color right now is white and I do love my snow but your color does tempt me to want spring here early! :) I also read your post that your blogging friend and her husband were able to come to your house. Isn't it fun to meet blogging friends? I just love it.

  14. This is such a sweet post, Pam. Baby Evla is simply darling in her Valentine's dress. And the flower arrangement with the lights is beautiful--a wonderful way to remember a special person. I love your Valentine's wreath!



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