What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?

What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?
Remember: "When God closes a door, He always opens a window!" You never know what might be out there waiting for you!

Friday, April 7, 2017

I Come By It Honestly...Updated for Friday Foto Friends

Today Friday Foto Friends day...and I don't have any new pictures to share, so thought I would pull something from the archives to share with you today.  This was originally posted on 6/14/2011, right after my father passed away and we had settled my parents' estate and sold their home of over 50 years.  (My mother had passed away five years earlier). These pictures are of some of the things that I was able to take home with me.  When I posted this, I was living in a different house than where I am now...so many of these items are in different places in my current house...but still in special spots.  I hope you will enjoy this walk through memory lane with me.  Then click on the Friday Foto Friends link to see what others are sharing today!  Happy Friday!

Original Post 6/14/2011:

Thought I would share some of my "treasures" found in my parents' home...and now have found their way to my home to begin a new chapter in their "lives"...
My Great Grandmother Mary Vogt Mursch,  (1861-1896)  My father's
Grandmother, but she died quite young and my Great-
Grandfather married again, so my dad never got to meet
his "real" grandmother.  She lived in Utica, NY,  was married to Fredrick Wilhelm Mursch on November 24, 1886. and was the
birth mother of my Grandfather, William H. Mursch, and his siblings:
Louise Mursch Callahan, Jacob Fredrick Mursch,  and John (Jack) Mursch. She also bore two other children who died in infancy: Gustav Mursch, 8/11/1892~6/5/1893, and Carl Mursch, 10/27/1895~2/3/1896.  I do not know the specific cause of her death, but apparently it must have had something to do with the birth of the baby Carl, since they died in the same year.
Anne of Green Gables Doll, with the book, Chronicles of Avonlea, which is all about 
Anne of Green Gables.
My mother loved these stories of "Anne of Avonlea", and because Anne was a redhead, my mother decided to give me her name as my middle name since I was also a redhead! Hence, Pamela Anne Mursch..."Anne with an E".  
Anne is all dressed and ready for tea...won't you come join us?
The china tea cups belonged to my Grandmother, Flora Tedlie, and the Buster Brown Tea Set originally belonged to my Aunt Margie Moss, but was given to my mother, as she remembered playing with it as a child.
These are a few of the treasures we found in my Dad's garage...my brother called it the "Easter Basket"~ a tin bucket full of antique china doorknobs.  My son Benton just had to pick those up with some creative ideas running through his brain for some special projects...yes...the gene runs deeply in our veins...thank you, Daddy!

Quilt Square made by my Dad's Great Grandmother Benner...His mother's (Elva Hill Mursch)
adoptive Mother (Grandma Hill)'s mother. Circa 1900.
Sorry it isn't more clear...My Grandma Tedlie by the Garden Gate at Aunt Dode's House in 
West Lafayette, Ohio.
The Ceramic Tiles are from the fireplace (?) in Aunt Dode's House. My mother lived in that house all during her high school years, so it was pretty special...

"Baby Elva" is wearing one of my original
baby dresses! It looks like it was made for her!
The baby buggy also came from my parents' attic.

"The Gossips"...Two Dear Little Old Ladies having a nice visit on the porch...One of my favorite pictures that used to
belong to my Grandma Tedlie.  Someday that will be me and my sister Doris...or me and any "old friend"...

My new reading nook...come sit a spell and grab an old fashioned
book to read...I have lots of wonderful choices waiting for you
to dive in and relish the adventures and romances of yesteryear...

"Welcome Guest!"
"Hello, Guest, and howdeedo! this small room belongs to you. And our house and all that's in it~Make yourself at home each minute. If the temperature displeases, Take a couple of our breezes; And if that should chill you later, Sit upon our radiator.  If a hungry pang is twitchin', Make a raid upon our kitchen; Help yourself to book or blotter, Easy chair or teeter~totter; All is yours that you like best, You're at home now! Welcome, Guest!"  From the writings of J.P. McEvoy, copyrite 1927.

This wonderful little plaque was hanging in the guest room of my parent's home for as long as I can remember! I believe it may have originally come from my Grandma Tedlie's Home...but no matter where, it has always been one of my most favorite things.  I have always said that someday I would hang that picture in my guest room and "Welcome Guest, and howdeedo!" to YOU Too!!   Come on over and enjoy my new guest room with all of it's old fashioned treasures.

Yes as you can see the genes do run deeply in my veins. I treasure all things old and precious..and here are a couple more:
My Mom and Dad on their wedding day,
May 16, 1942.
They started all this...and I sure do miss them.
Love you Mom and Dad
Your Loving Daughter,
Pamela "Anne" with an "e". 


  1. Awww--you're making me cry---again!!
    Hopefully, I too, will get my old fashioned guest room ready with a Howdeedoo!! Then, I'll come and sit and gossip on your porch with you!! Yes, we both love our old things with all our wonderful memories, even if the "guys" think we're just crazy!!
    Love you Sis!

  2. Wow! What beautiful memories to share with us dear Pamela. Love the idea of an old fashioned guest room ready to share. Your rocking chair is exactly like one I had. Anne of Green Gables are favorites of mine. I always wished I was able to travel to Prince Edward Island but was never able to.

    1. Thank you Toni. These things are all special because they remind me of my sweet parents and grandparents...always a treasure to remember. I too would love to visit PEI someday, but don't know that I ever will. But I enjoy the story and movie, which is good enough. Have a blessed day, my friend!

  3. Absolute treasures.... All of it! So glad you got so many of these things and know who they belonged to. Thanks for sharing your little walk down memory lane! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you, Debbie. I am glad you were able to come visit my little walk down memory lane. I enjoyed re-reading this myself, and it helped me appreciate these things all over again, and the memories attached. I pray your weekend is blessed as well. Thank you for all you do to make this day possible!

    2. Oh.. I meant to comment on the Welcome Guest picture.... 💜 it.... I'm gonna pin that one!

  4. Great photo's Pamela, I love your dolls.

    1. Thank you Sylvia. I love the dolls too, but sometimes I think I have too many...but then, I don't know which ones I could part with! I wish I had some little girls in my life to share them with someday...all I have are boys, and they have NO interest in my little dollies!!! :) Have a blessed day!!

  5. Wonderful treasures that you have from your parents! Enjoyed reading the memories associated with them. Your mother's wedding dress is stunning. I like that she had gloves too to wear on her wedding day. Such timeless elegance!

    1. THank you for stopping by for a visit today! So happy to meet you. Thank you for your kind thoughts. Yes, my mother was lovely in her beautiful wedding dress. Nothing overly fancy...it was war time. But she was always elegant, no matter when! Thank you for noticing that. It made me take special notice again.

  6. Thank you, Pamela, for this lovely trip down memory lane. I'm glad that you have so many wonderful photos and mementos by which to remember your family. My mother has a great deal of old photos, etc., which I suppose will one day pass to either my brother or me.

    1. I love old photos...but what to do with them is the question. My sister took most of them to her house and they sit in boxes waiting for us all to explore again someday. That would be a good "winter project". Yes, I am thankful for these mementos and am especially thankful for the wonderful parents and grandparents that God blessed me with. Thank you for your visit here today. Have a blessed day!

  7. Pam, thank you for sharing these precious treasures again. What memories "old things" have for many of us. I'm glad you've been able in incorporate so much into your home. Treasures can be conversation starters.


  8. Precious treasures. I loved the picture of your parents!!

  9. Such great memories you have there.

  10. Love the photos but my favorite is your parents' wedding photo. I don't have one from my parents who married about the same time.

  11. I love your photos and your memories. Thanks for share it wit us.

  12. Pam: you have some marvelous memories because of these beautiful items. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you and yours.


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