What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?

What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?
Remember: "When God closes a door, He always opens a window!" You never know what might be out there waiting for you!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Foto Friends ~ On the Fence and Best Laid Plans

Good Morning My Friday Foto Friends!

I thought by Friday I would have some really wonderful photos to share with you...but this week has been a bit of a "washout", with rain most every day...and what few photos I've taken I've pretty much already shared with you.  So, I was "on the fence" about what to do for today...

And this little squirrel seemed to be having the same problem...

 Just couldn't quite decide which way to go!

Likewise, these young cardinals appear to also "be on the fence" and waiting their turn
at the very busy bird feeder...

But they each finally had a chance to grab a few seeds and fly away...

"Hey! What are YOU looking at?"

So, back to my original "Best Laid Plans"...

This morning I had an idea to "cook up" something that would be photo worthy, in keeping with a recurring theme of Tea Time on the Porch...my friend Sylvia at "A Grandma's Blessings" has been sharing her morning tea time on her porch with her blog and also on Facebook, and I've been enjoying doing some of the same thing...

Anyway...you've heard the saying "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry"....(did you know that was attributed to the old Scottish poet Robert Burns?  You can see the original poem here: (Click HERE for a link to Robert Burns' Poem "To A Mouse"...(and then you might need a translator to decipher the old bard's Scottish dialect)...

Moving right along...I told my hubby that I wanted something other than ordinary old toast this morning...and since I had some blueberries in the fridge that were getting past their prime, I thought I'd try something a little different.

I looked up a recipe for Blueberry Scones on the internet...and the one I chose I liked because it could be made with "bisquick", which I thought would be simpler and quicker...

They looked and smelled delicious...(and I also made a quick scrambled egg with ham omelette to add some protein to our breakfast)...

Don't they look good?

Well...let's just say this right away...DON'T USE THIS RECIPE!!  I followed the directions to a "T", and the lemon glaze was perfect...BUT !  The Scones were SO DRY they almost choked my poor hubby to death!!!  As a matter of fact, my son was just leaving for work when these came out of the oven, and he took one with him to eat later...and I had to call him on his cell phone and tell him NOT to EAT the scones, unless he had some butter or whipped cream or something to help them go down without choking!! He was disappointed as well...because he's the one who loves the blueberries around here and I used them all up making this disappointing recipe.

So, so much for new recipes.  If you have a delicious, not DRY recipe for blueberry scones that isn't too complicated...please let me know!!!

To end up this little photo fiasco, I'll just add a few more flower pictures from this past week...we all love flowers!  Can't go wrong with that!!

 The Rose of Sharon continues to bloom...

 And this is another blossom on the Don Juan Rosebush that has been
blooming so beautifully since we've had so much rain...watch it open up...

And I love this little blue "spiderwort" wildflower that loves to bloom underneath one of the crepe myrtle bushes in the front yard each year... (the linked article says they are edible! I haven't tried them...)

Speaking of Crepe Myrtles...

And do you know what THIS IS?

These are wild "Paw-Paws"...growing alongside the road...they will get much bigger by fall...and then the critters might eat them.  They are edible fruit...I tried one a couple of years ago...kind of across between a banana and a mango flavor I think...but I'm not a fan...

And last, but not least, is this delightful lemon yellow mushroom that I found hidden among the dead magnolia leaves in the Secret Garden...I don't think it is edible...and I'm not going to try and find out...but it was so pretty and a perfect lemon chiffon yellow!  (check out links for more info)

Speaking of the Secret Garden...I actually watched the movie "The Secret Garden" for the first time yesterday! It was on our cable a few days ago, and my hubby recorded it for me. Maggie Smith (of Downton Abbey fame) was the rather overbearing, unkind housekeeper...but she played her role perfectly.  It was really a sweet story...and made me look at my Secret Garden a little differently...the "magic" (not magic in the worldly sense) in my garden comes from the Presence of the Lord as He walks with me and talks with me...

Oh...one more picture and then I promise to be done.  Speaking of the Secret Garden...I was wandering through there yesterday before the rains came, and discovered a new inhabitant in the bird house:

This little lizard apparently has taken over the Chickadee's house now that they are done with it.
I've been meaning to clean it out...and now I probably need to...
but I'll be on the lookout for Mr. Lizard before I do!

Here's a few words of wisdom from God's Word before I go...

"Listen to counsel and receive instruction,
that you may be wise in your latter days.

There are many plans in a man's heart,
Nevertheless the Lord's counsel--that will stand."

Proverbs 19:20-21

Bye for now!

Now, hop on over to visit our other "Friday Foto Friends" at Deb's place, Breathing In Grace.  Have a blessed day my friends!!


  1. Oh, I love all your pics today...but, especially the squirrels. :) I'm so sorry the scones didn't turn out well...they sure do look good, though. I <3 blueberries, too. HOPE you have a great weekend....thanks for always being faithful to link up!

    1. I think the squirrels were the hit of the day...and that was totally unplanned! So, again...best laid plans...sometimes they turn out better when we DON'T plan! Thank you for making this link up possible. It's always a treat to see everyone on Fridays!!

  2. I always feel so refreshed when I come visit here! Your rose is just beautiful. So sorry that the scone recipe turned out so dry. I guess with scones you have to all from scratch. I want to learn to make some. The squirrel certainly looked confused. I hope he found his way! Have a great day.

    1. Thank you Melanie. I think you are right about the scones from scratch. IF I dare to try again...I will definitely go from scratch! Yes, the squirrel eventually ran back along the fence to the tree to the power line to another tree and made his circuit eventually back to the fence and the tree, etc....around and round he goes! Such fun to watch!

  3. Love your photo's Pamela. Cute squirrels and birds are always pretty to look at and listen to their singing. Those scones look good. I have a recipe that I got from a from on a Tea Group website, I can send you if you would like it. Just say so and it will be in the mail.

    1. Thank you Sylvia...can you send a link to the website? Or you can message it via facebook? I don't know if I have the nerve to try another one...this was so disappointing! Yes, the squirrels and birds are always fun to watch....whenever I need a picture I just stand at the back door and watch and snap! They are always up to something!

  4. Wonderful photos. I love the birds and squirrels. Maybe when it is raining take some photos of the rain :) I do and they can come out nicely really.
    I think your best laid plans came out wonderfully!
    Happy Friday my friend.

    1. Thank you Annie. Yes, the birds and squirrels are always a good source of entertainment around here. I have taken a few rain pictures...some turn out good...others not so good. I like the "after the rain" photos best...I had one the other day on my blog. You are sweet! Actually...things often turn out better when my plans DON'T work out! LOL>

  5. Pam: I love your pictures, even of the scones. I always love your flowers. Don't be so hard on yourself about the Bisquick recipe. I could never get the Bisquick to work right for me. You have squirrels and I have bunny rabbits. Peace and blessings/

  6. Oh my! My comment never published! I'll try again! LOL! Love all your photos Pamela. You are truly a talented photographer my friend. Your scones look so delicious no matter how they came out. I have found most scone recipes to come out dry. I put them in the same category as english muffins. They need to be split, toasted and buttered. LOL! Have a day of blessings my friend.

  7. "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry"

    I'm a little unsettled at the thought of mice making plans.

    Love the verses at the end. A relief... We don't have to worry about the plans of men or of mice.


    That little mushroom...ahh...sweet!

  8. Well you managed to get a lot of great pictures...I loved them all. The squirrel on the fence was so cute and the birds are so pretty. The scones sure did look good, maybe a good cook could tell you how to modify the recipe to make them moist. If my Momma was still here she could tell you, not me, I'm not a cook, I spent my adult years behind a desk at a bank, not in the kitchen. But with that said, my family never went hungry. lol Always love stopping by your place for a visit, hope you have a great weekend.

  9. How I loved all your photos, Pamela, but you must know already that I'm partial to the ones you took of the squirrel. Don't need to explain, do I?
    Sorry about those scones. I've been disappointed by bisquik too many times to ever try it again. Maybe you could go for blueberry muffins next time?

  10. Oh Pam, like so many others, I loved your photos! Squirrels are interesting critters that's for sure.

    I'm sorry to hear about the scones; they looked really yummy!

    And yes, I'm familiar with the saying, "the best laid plans of mice and men..."--heard that at least once in a college (undergrad) American History class.

    Thank you for your sweet, kind comment on my blog. I responded.


  11. Your Rose of Sharon! I receive your photo ...as if it were for me!! It was a treat to see it there, as I have had the Rose of Sharon on my heart this week..or weeks?!! Thank you!

    So glad meet you and see your lovely photos and posts!!

    Hope you find a new recipe for the scones, yours look delicious anyway!!


  12. Thank you for the wonderful photos of the big squirrel. Love to see them. So sorry for the dry scones. I have never eat scones.But I found after searching a nice recept for you (with 4 ****): http://allrecipes.com/recipe/229571/amazing-lemon-scones/?internalSource=mlt_similar_recipe_banner&referringId=231634&referringContentType=recipe&clickId=simslot_1


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