What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?

What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?
Remember: "When God closes a door, He always opens a window!" You never know what might be out there waiting for you!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Welcome to Fall at My House!

Welcome!  I thought you might enjoy a few little pictures of fall at our "Camp in the Woods" home! 


Our front hall is decked out with autumn color and freshly built brightly colored birdfeeders waiting for a new home...maybe you'd like one for your fine feathered friends?

Take a seat and rest for a minute, and then we'll go back outside and visit some other "friends".
(The classy looking country accent table was designed and built by my son right here at "Ben's Country Woodshop"...I love it!)

Back outside there is no telling who or what we might discover waiting for us...

 Oh, here's Mrs. Bunny Rabbit!  She's having her breakfast! She is practically
one of our pets...always hopping around, nibbling on grass or any other
juicy tidbits she can find. She doesn't seem to mind getting her picture taken!  

She once was caught eating our one and only cantaloupe,
which was growing from seeds thrown out in the yard.

Here's the evidence! (This was earlier this summer)  That
is why we most likely won't be growing a garden anytime soon out here...

Mrs. Cardinal has flown in for a bath.  She won't mind if we watch!

Well, maybe she is a bit shy afterall!

See you later, Mrs. C!

Oh! Hello!  Here's Mr. Cardinal...storing up on some "beautyberries"!  Looks like he's already
pretty well cleaned up this bush!

Looks like there's a few more berries over here!  Right next to this pretty new green birdfeeder!

Maybe he'd prefer this colorful "gator" birdfeeder! Made especially
for our Univ. of Florida Gator fans!

Well, maybe not...bye bye Mr. Cardinal!

Believe it or not, we did have another special visitor just the other night.  My pictures didn't turn out because it was getting too dark, but I was able to get a good look at him, and it was this same fellow that we met earlier this summer...only now he has put on more weight and it looks like he is getting his winter coat already.  This picture is from this summer...but I know it was the same one because he had this distinctive white "V" on his neck:

He followed the exact same trail as before, only he kind of got in a hurry because he could hear us in the house
running to each of the windows as he passed by, trying to take his picture...but this is what I got:

My own reflection in the window as the bear hurried past... Oh well, maybe next time he decides to
follow the "bear crossing" in our yard I'll have better luck!

I hope you have enjoyed this little autumn day walk around our "camp in the woods" home!  It's been a
pleasure to spend this little bit of time with you.  I hope you can come visit for real sometime, and we'll have a cup of hot tea on the front porch...or maybe even some hot spiced apple cider!  We may not  have
pretty fall leaves here in Florida, but we can still enjoy the change of seasons in our own way!
Happy Fall to you!

Blessings from my house to your house!



  1. I'll have to fix this tomorrow...blogger is driving me nuts!!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the autumn tour. You really are blessed to live in such an inspiring place.

    1. Thank you, Susie! You are a dear friend! I have been having some issues with blogger since they changed the format of the dashboard. I may have to get a newer computer to keep up! Kind of takes away the fun when you have to labor over publishing a post...but when I hear from my friends out here in blogland, it makes all the effort so worthwhile. Blessings to you today my co-laborer in the harvest field we call "blogland".

  3. Hi Pam! Oh my! Loved every single detail, thank you so much for laboring to share these wonderful pictures and words! Promise you won't chase the bears! When I lived in West Greenwich here in RI which is on the Connecticut line, we had bears, deer and much of the same. I never saw the bears but the prints only and our neighbor had a bear cub on the surveillance camera he had. Love Fall! Love to you as well, my friend!

    1. No worries about me chasing the bears...I just hope they don't chase ME! LOL! I actually saw a very young mother and an even younger bear cub this morning on my way to work...they were crossing the road exactly in the "bear crossing" zone on the highway. I don't know how they know that is where they are supposed to cross! LOL!!! Love to you as well...you made my day!

  4. Thanks for the nature walk,Pamela, I truly enjoyed it. I love the bear crossing sign in your yard. Your son did a great job on the accent table. Have a good day!

    1. Thank you, Sylvia! I loved YOUR posting about your fall camping trip. That's what inspired me to write last night! See, we DO need each other! Blessings to you today as well.

  5. Thanks for this Pamela! It's nice to see a different part of the world. I always thought Florida was very different than way up here in Canada, but there are more similarities than I thought. Beautiful!

    1. The main difference is that we stay warm in winter. :)
      Actually, we do get cold enough to turn on heat, but no snow or ice...maybe some frost now and then. I miss the 4 seasons, but I do LOVE not having to shovel snow and scrape ice in winter...used to live in New England and Michigan and Ohio, so I am very familiar with old man winter! Come visit us sometime...in winter!!! You may decide to stay awhile!

  6. I love that you pay attention to seasons in a place where you could imagine it summer all year round. And that you decorate. We have seasons aplenty (though not always much snow) and though my intentions are good, I only manage to pull off decorating for Christmas, much to the dismay of my event-planner daughter. I should just hire her to do it! Could I borrow the bear? :)


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