What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?

What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?
Remember: "When God closes a door, He always opens a window!" You never know what might be out there waiting for you!

Friday, September 23, 2011

"Aint nothing like the real thing, baby"

The following is a quote of my own comment to one of my blogging friends who had just written about whether or not she should get an Ipod to replace her Palm Pilot..."Our Journey Together" by my friend Susan

This is what I said regarding her dilemma...
"I don't have either one...I have a desktop computer. My husband has a refurbished laptop. I have an ordinary cell phone. I don't need anything else. I feel "over-connected" with this old world now as it is. What I really desire is real friends, real faces at my table and not in my computer, love and laughter with family and friends in person. Gadgets are nice, and I don't fault anyone for having them...but I just don't want them. I may have to write about this in my blog since this comment is too long already! Yes, save your $$ until you are ready to get whatever you feel you need at that time. Until then, just enjoy the real people and places surrounding you each day. That is what really matters."

My friend Susan is currently battling a very serious and aggressive cancer. She is a young mother of one very active 2 1/2 yr. old boy, as well as a counselor.  She tries to maintain her work, enjoy her family,and live a normal life as much as possible.  Perhaps an Ipod would help her. Her Mother seems to think so...and it might be the right thing for her to do.  I was not trying to be critical at all regarding her decision or choices. I was just speaking for my own self.

I've had friends tell me that I need to get a "Kindle" to read my books on...and I have no interest in that at all.  I know, I know, I've heard all the wonderful endorsements for having such a marvelous invention to carry a whole library of books at my instant disposal with me anywhere.  But why do I need to do that? I can only read one book at a time, and I like to do that in a comfortable chair, turning the paper pages, feeling each page as I turn it, and looking back at the previous page anytime I want to re-read what I just read in case I didn't quite get it the first time. I love to look at the cover of the book, read the fly-leaf, look at the copyright.  A lot of the books I read are very old, (from my blog-page "A Few of My Favorite Things")and sometimes the pages are stained, perhaps a little dog-eared...and I have often found other people's old  
bookmarks...an old grocery list, a small card with notes on it, the names of other people who have owned or read the book I am holding in my hand.  I love that. It helps me feel connected with the previous readers, or the author herself/himself!  Please don't take away my real books! You just can't do all of that with an electronic gadget that has to be recharged frequently or might easily get damaged or stolen. My books can be picked up anywhere, anytime, and I don't recall ever having to recharge them to be able to read them.  (I might have to recharge my OWN batteries sometimes to keep going...but that's a different story!)

I truly do enjoy connecting with many friends, old and new, through the medium of "Facebook".  I think that is a wonderful invention and I have embraced it whole-heartedly! I love to post pictures of my family and share a piece of my world with the rest of the world.  I do the same through this blog.  But one thing I have to remind myself of often...this should not ever take the place of "real-life" friends and family...those who are here with me in the flesh...or who may be wanting to share a part of my life in a more tangible way. You know, a "real" tea-party...a lunch date...a shopping trip...a ride in the country with my hubby...a card game with our kids or friends at our kitchen table...laughing and talking and experiencing real quality time together...face to face...hearing each other's voices and seeing the smiles on their faces...holding hands in a time of prayer for a meal shared together...a hug when we meet, and another when we part. 

Cell phones are a wonderful invention also...mine is rather archaic in that it doesn't do much except make phonecalls. I could add more to it, for a price...but why should I?  It does what I need it to do...and sometimes I wish I didn't need it at all.  It's hard to escape when people have my number...and I feel "naked" if I go out without it.  I don't like being that dependent on a technological gadget.

I refuse to get one of those GPS thingys for my car.  I have always prided myself on having a good sense of direction.  Also, I try to look up places  before I leave and if I need to, I print out the directions...or I do it the old fashioned way...I take an atlas (map) when traveling very far.  It got our forefathers where they were going (even though they hated to ask directions)...I can remember my father telling us on our vacation trips, when we had been driving around what seemed like circles for quite a while, "I'm not lost. I know exactly where I'm going. I'm just taking the scenic route!"  How many of you have ever heard (or said) that before?
Besides, everyone I know who has a GPS thingy in their car still can't find my house without calling me in the middle of the night after driving around for an hour on dark dirt roads...(I Love you, niece Debbie). Some places just aren't meant to be found with an electronic gizmo!!!

Come sit across my table and let's have a real visit...I'll even give you a piece of that apple pie (well, better give me some warning first so I can bake one!)
Well, speaking of "real people", my hubby is desiring my attention...so I need to bring this to a stopping place.  Yes, modern technology is wonderful and definitely has a place...but let's please not substitute the mirage for the real thing.  Let us constantly strive to embrace our "real friends" and loved ones with warm hugs and long audible and visible conversations.  (You know, eye to eye and giving our undivided attention).  Let us keep our mental faculties intact by exercising our sense of direction, handwriting skills (that's another subject to discuss since modern technology has made handwriting almost obsolete), mathematical skills (oops! I will NOT give up my calculator! I'm a bookkeeper by trade!!)

Let's think about these things...Good night dear friends, both near and far and through my open window of this computer.  I guess modern technology isn't ALL bad...otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this now (and I would never have been able to send it to you!!!)


  1. Yes...this is what I was trying to get at and in my struggle could not get the sentiment right. I dont want a gadget...I want a warm hug. I want a luncheon chat without a beeeping noise that signals an email or a text. I want to look across the table at loving eyes. I love facebook but I love real better. Someday, I will reach across the table and squeeze your hand. Susan

  2. This is so very beautiful! I agree especially with the kindle vs book thing! Even on the commercials the people hands do not look comfortable the way they have to hold them!
    Neither of us have anything AGAINST technology, but we've been around long enough to know it is not everything to us! Without it, you & I would not be friends, so it can't be all bad! Ha!
    Great post!

  3. What an adorable photo of you! Happy birthday! I, too, love to read old books ~ & I have a good-sized collection of old schoolbooks, too. We used many of them while we homeschooled. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  4. Note to Susan above: I meant to say "Ipad", not Ipod! That just proves how little I know about these things! LOL!!

  5. To my dear friends above who commented: I count each and every one of you as "real friends", even though we have never met "face to face" in person. You have inspired me, encouraged me, and blessed me with your stories and messages of hope through your own blogs. I DO hope we will all have the opportunity to sit down together at a table one day, and hug a real hug and join hands in prayer and a lasting friendship. Until then, I will be thankful that God allowed our paths to cross through this open window. God bless you!


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