What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?

What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?
Remember: "When God closes a door, He always opens a window!" You never know what might be out there waiting for you!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm Curious! Who ARE You?

The following is a list of the total number of "pageviews", listed by countries, people who have viewed this blog since its beginning back in 2009!  This has made me extremely curious!  Who ARE you?  I know some of you...but I certainly don't know all 5657 of you...and especially those of you from so many different countries!  I am overwhelmed and humbled!  I would love to find out who you are...and I pray that you were somehow blessed and encouraged by the stories that you read here.

United States
United Kingdom

Actually this is only a partial list of the countries...I'm not sure how they tally this, but each day I see lists of statistics from many different parts of the world...and I am so intrigued by this.  How do you find my blog? What key words are you using that directed you here?  I have just recently compiled the index of keywords, which serves as a topical index to help you find whatever subject matter or scripture verse you are seeking.  I have noticed that this has actually increased the volume of traffic on my blog.  And I have found these daily statistics almost addictive!  Everytime I see that someone is online reading my blog from somewhere in the world I get really excited!! I just wish I knew who you were and where you are reading from...and if you are finding some measure of hope, encouragement and inspiration from what you are reading.  If so, then I have done my job...and God has done His job as well!!!!

Thank you, dear friends, wherever you are!  In the old south we have a saying when we say good-bye to friends...  "Y'all come back now, you hear?"    Pure southern colloquialism...but it says exactly what I want to say...Please do come back and stay a while.  I also have a needlepoint picture from my grandmother hanging in my kitchen that says it even better:
This is the message that I hope to convey throughout my blogs...I value your presence here, and I would love for our time together to be like old friends chatting over a cup of tea...so pull up a chair and stay awhile...I'll put on the teakettle.

Thanks for visiting!
"Y'all come back now, you hear?"

Dear Lord, Today I lift up these dear friends from around the world to You, and I ask that You would bless them with Your peace, Your presence, and Your comfort in whatever circumstances they may be currently enduring.  Lord, where there is pain, I pray You would bring relief.  Where there is sickness, please reach down and bring healing.  If there is strife or hurt, or sin or distress, help them to find rest and restoration and forgiveness in You, Oh Lord.  Thank you for bringing them to my Open Window.  I pray that all of their "closed doors" would lead to new opportunities and adventures within Your plan for their lives.  I thank You and give You all the praise, glory and honor today.
In Jesus' Name I pray,


  1. What a fun idea! I am super curious about mine also.
    To answer your question, though I am not one of your long distance and faraway places readers.....
    I am in California and I don't remember how we connected. Was it at GoodBlogs?
    But I do enjoy your cozy comfy place and I love your constant encouraging words!

  2. Hey there Recovering Church Lady! I think we connected before Good Blogs, because you introduced me to them. Somehow we discovered each other's blogs and the fact that we are both Pastor's wives (currently displaced) with a lot of other stuff in common! I love your stories and adventures into the "land of the free"... You are pretty far away...you live on the west coast and I live on the east coast....maybe some day east will meet west and we can chat up a storm about our concurrent journeys on parallel plains... (or planes?) Thanks for being one of my favorite guests! "Y'all come back now, ya hear??" :)


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