What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?

What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?
Remember: "When God closes a door, He always opens a window!" You never know what might be out there waiting for you!

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Getting Ready for the Big Move - Thankful Thursday Blessings

 Yesterday morning we woke up to rain on the roof, but it soon cleared enough to take care of one chore that we had been planning to do to get ready for our big move.

We headed over to our "new house" bright and early...well, maybe not so bright, but early...you can still see the raindrops on the trees and a foggy haze over the pond...

And our task for the morning was to replace this poor, broken and worn mailbox post with a new post so that we can start receiving mail there next week...after our closing on Monday.

We met our carpenter son there, who came equipped with tools and ready to work... 

#1 son and hubby worked hard to replace the post, digging out the old and putting in the new.
You can tell by the dampness on my son's shirt that it was hot and humid, even though it was still early morning...but they are both still smiling...it was a fun project for father and son.

Here we are, standing beside the finished mailbox, complete with new numbers and ready to receive mail. If you would like our address, send me a private message...

 And here is a glimpse of the front of our house. We still have a ways to go...that deck will be replaced next week before we can physically move our furniture in as it has some rotten boards and will not safely hold the weight of our furniture and the movers...
Once we are fully moved in, which will take a couple of weeks because we can't schedule the big move until the following week, we will start adding some flowers and pretty the place up a bit...

 But last night we went back over to enjoy the pond in the evening after the rain.  One thing I noticed is that the maple trees along the edge of the pond are already starting to turn red!  Fall must be in the air...even though it doesn't feel like fall quite yet...but we can dream!!

I probably won't be doing much posting in the next couple of weeks as we will be quite busy with our move...but hopefully I can check in from time to time.  We have a big event coming up next weekend in the middle of all this...our 50th Anniversary!  The actual date is the 16th, but we understand there will be a "surprise" celebration on the 17th.  We don't know any real details, but the kids had to tell us there would be something that day because otherwise we would have planned to move that day!!  So, happily we will put off the big move until the following week so we can take time to celebrate such a momentous occasion!  In the meantime, we will be doing some painting and preparing the house for the move...and giving thanks to the Lord for His marvelous provision for us in so many ways.  We are blessed and thankful for 50 years of marriage and praise God for His love and protection and grace.

Psalm 95: 1-7

"Oh come, let us sing to the Lord!
Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our salvation.
Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving;
Let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms.
For the Lord is the great God,
and great King above all gods.
In His hand are the deep places of the earth;
The heights of the hills are His also.
The sea is His, for He made it;
and His hands formed the dry land.
Oh come, let us worship and bow down; 
Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.
For He is our God,
and we are the people of His pasture,
And the sheep of His hand."


  1. Well let me go ahead and say Happy 50th Anniversary! WOW! What a true sign of commitment dear Pam. Less and less know what that word means these days I am afraid. So excited that you two are celebrating your 50th! What a blessing. Excited for you too with your upcoming move. I know you will be so happy to get settled and make your new house YOUR HOME! Hugs and blessings to you. Cindy

  2. It is a lovely home and property and how nice that your son helped with the mailbox project. I wish you two a wonderful 50th anniversary. The "surprise" will be so nice right before the big move. It's always fun to make a new place "your own." I wish you much happiness!

  3. I know how excited you must be getting about the move! And how in the world can you be celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary?? Were you a child bride? That is huge deal and a real blessing to be able to celebrate! Happy Anniversary two the both of you!

  4. This has been an exciting time for you. I enjoy seeing the pictures of the pond and the trees around your new place. Hubby told me as we were driving to our see our son that the trees up here were losing their leaves due to the drought conditions. Happy Anniversary. Enjoy your celebration, whatever they decide to do to help you celebrate the day. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

  5. Great post. So happy for you. The pond will be so peaceful to look at as you drink your morning coffee. 50 years is s wonderful blessing, and you are both still on your honeymoon ☺️ Love you both.

  6. Happy anniversary. The house looks great. I am sure with the new deck it will be even nicer. There are only 44 days left of summer. Leaves here are turning yellow already on my Green Ash tree and in a few places on one of the wisterias, so autumn is on the way.

  7. You have a beautiful place,Pam. I love the big tree in the front and the pond
    Yes, I think we will have an early fall. There's a tree near me that's already turned yellow.

  8. "In His hand are the deep places of the earth"

    An encouraging reminder!

    I am hoping you'll make that mailbox fabulous. Flowers? Flags? I saw one once that looked like a pink flamingo! :-)

  9. Happy 50th Anniversary!!! What an exciting month you all are having, Pamela. I'm so very excited and happy for you all. Hope you will have a moment or two to keep us posted on your move.

  10. Will keep you in prayer as you move. You have a lovely yard that is begging for flowers. Digging a hole for a mailbox isn't much fun unless you have someone to share the task.

  11. I'll wish you a Happy 50th Anniversary now! Your new place is beautiful-may God bless you with many happy years there!

  12. Your new home is in a beautiful setting. You're going to love living there! I am very happy for you! And celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary in the midst of it all! Wow! That's wonderful!!!

  13. Looks like you're moving to another pretty area. I will enjoy following you as you make it home. Great picture of hubby and son, and you and hubby too!!

  14. Wow!! So much going on, including a big celebration for such a joyous occasion!! Happy 50th Anniversary (a little early)!! Your new home looks great and will be even better when you get your projects done. The mailbox was a good fist step!! xoxox

  15. Very exciting times for you all. Happy, happy anniversary. I'm sure you will have wonderful time at the celebration. I know you will have your new place looking all nice and homey in a short while. xx

  16. Happy Anniversary!!! Oh your so lucky to have underground utilities.smiles

  17. Oh Pam, what an adventure you have ahead of you! I know that God will order your steps on this next part of your life's journey. I do look forward to following along from afar. :)

    Happy 50th Anniversary, just a tad early!

    Love and blessings!

  18. I can't say I get as excited anymore about moving since we have moved about 33 times in our 72 years. We know there is another move for us coming up as soon as we worked out the details. Peace reigns in my heart as I think about it because God has never failed me yet and He has moved me all over the world literally. It's just not as adventurous as it use to be, probably due to age and health. Blessings for your move .

    1. Dear Wise Hearted...I must say that I am intrigued by your comments, and I went to your blog to see if I knew you. I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting you, but you touched my heart with your messages. Thank you for visiting here, and I do hope you will come back again! We have also moved many many times in our 50 years of marriage...I stopped counting a long time ago, and each time I pray it is the last time...and then God says..."Not just yet! I still have places for you to go and people to meet"...so here we go again! And I see on your blog the same kind of spirit...a missionary heart. We were not missionaries, but in the ministry and also strong believers/supporters of foreign missions. Thank you for your service to the Lord. Wherever He leads you, you must go...I know...I've been there too...God bless you, my friend.

  19. Happy anniversary. Love the front of your new house (never seen here such one).

    Like You

    Lord help me to be in Your holy will;
    Tell me what to do today;
    Lead me in Your righteousness;
    Make me more like You, I pray.

    Guard me against this corrupting world,
    Its perverted priorities, temptations, too.
    Direct my mind toward Your commands,
    So I can focus my life on You.

    Fill my heart with Your light and love,
    So I can assist those I see in need;
    With You as my role model, let me be
    Like You in thought and word and deed.

    By Joanna Fuchs

    1. I LOVE this prayer/poem, Aritha. So beautiful, and perfect for what I want my life to be. Thank you. Our new home is a "manufactured home". Do they not have those where you live? They are built in a factory and driven to the site on big trucks in two halves, and then put together. They are very "popular" in the states as they are an affordable alternative to traditional housing and can be built much quicker. They have been vastly improved over the years and have all the features of a regular house. We are looking forward to moving in and making it our own. Thank you again for visiting and for sharing that poem. I love it.

  20. This post is very familiar. I believe I read it while on Facebook and commented there. I am so happy for you guys to be getting ready for your new home.


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