What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?

What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?
Remember: "When God closes a door, He always opens a window!" You never know what might be out there waiting for you!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

God Got My Attention!

Time to "focusin on this past week's activities...since I claimed my "One Word" for 2015..."Focus".
It seems like whenever we claim a new word, that particular word takes on a life of its own...and it gets our attention in so many ways.  "Focus" is definitely getting my attention. But, isn't that what the word "focus" means in the first place? http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/focus says

 noun \ˈfō-kəs\: a subject that is being discussed or studied : the subject on which people's attention is focused
: a main purpose or interest
: a point at which rays of light, heat, or sound meet or from which they move apart or appear to move apart; especially : the point at which an image is formed by a mirror, a lens, etc. "

Well, this week the focus has been on things needing repair...or, I should say, "expensive things" needing repair.

  • My car developed a rock and roll and rattle which necessitated some focused attention, i.e. REPAIRS.
  • Our home insurance cancelled our policy because they didn't have enough business in this area, necessitating our finding a new policy.
  • The NEW policy required a house inspection.
  • The house inspector refused to sign the certificate unless we replace our ROOF. Yikes!
There were a few other more minor things, but they all added up to getting our attention right where it hurts the most...our pocketbook!  Not a great way to start the New Year!

But, after focusing our attention on these issues we have evaluated the bigger picture, and have come to some new realizations (with the wise counsel and help of some good friends):

  • The car repairs are not as serious as first feared, and we found a trustworthy and reliable Christian mechanic who also happens to be extremely fair.
  • If the home insurance company had not cancelled our policy, necessitating our having an inspection of our roof, we would not have known that our roof was in such bad condition until possibly a leak developed and/or serious damage was done to our home.
  • And, actually it isn't the whole roof, but one section of our roof due to the configuration of the way our house is built, so it will not be as expensive as if it were the whole roof. And God has shown us a way to pay for it reasonably...in time...but reasonably.
  • And, the other more minor things are just that, minor things that can be fixed and are not the end of the world if they are not fixed right away.
I also have learned that spending time each day in God's Word helps me to focus my mind and heart on the things that are most important, and to prioritize the issues that come into my life so that I can tackle that which is most necessary first, and take care of the others as needed.

Here are a few verses that come to "light" right now:

  • "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path."  Psalm 119:105
  • "You (God) are my hiding place and my shield; I hope in Your word." Psalm 119:114
  • "Hold me up, and I shall be safe, and I shall observe (focus my attention on) Your statutes continually." Psalm 119:117
  • "The entrance of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple." Psalm 119:130
  • "In my distress I cried to the Lord, and He heard me." Psalm 120:1
  • "I will lift up my eyes to the hills--from whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth." Psalm 121:1-2.
What have I learned this week?  

  • "Blessed is every one who fears the Lord, who walks in His ways." Psalm 128:1
  • "Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever." Psalm 136:1
That sums it up pretty well...but to put it in common language...I have learned to focus my attention on God instead of my circumstances...and to always look for the hidden blessing in the midst of the trials of life.  And I have learned to give thanks to the Lord, for He IS good! His mercy DOES endure forever! And I've also learned to give thanks for the people God brings into our lives to help us when we need it most. I pray that God will bless them for their kindness in ways that we cannot.

So, what kinds of things have you focused upon this week?


  1. Oh, Lady, you were given to me from our Father...no doubt about it! These words..."I also have learned that spending time each day in God's Word helps me to focus my mind and heart on the things that are most important, and to prioritize the issues that come into my life so that I can tackle that which is most necessary first, and take care of the others as needed." ...are exactly what I needed to hear ...see...right now. Thank you so much for sharing.

    I am sorry about all of these major things that require money to be taken care of popping up just as you begin a new year. My prayer is that He will give you the means and direct you as you give them your attention.

    Love you,

    1. Thank you Dianna...I KNOW God is focusing HIS attention on US right now, and helping US to focus OUR attention on HIM, because He loves us and desires our company and attention. I am thankful that these were really minor things in the grand scheme of life. His mercy DOES endure forever. Praying for you and you walk the path before you in 2015. Know that you are never alone. God is ALWAYS with you, even when you haven't noticed!!! Love to you dear friend.

  2. Oh man, lots of big stuff that you wisely learned to focus on with a smaller lens rather than magnifying them into something overwhelming! You guys are simply brilliant!!

    1. NO, God is simply brilliant...and He gives US HIS LIGHT to lead the way. That's how He got my attention, and I am SO thankful..yes, for the smaller lens rather than the magnified view of bigger things than I can handle. God is so good. Thank you for your bright smile today.

  3. Ah, focus. What a great word. And yes, how wonderful that He revealed so much when you focused your attention, first on Him, and then, through Him, on what was necessary. Not more, but just exactly what is necessary. We all need this. So hard for me to learn. Isn't it true that He often teaches us most clearly through our pocketbooks?

    1. Oh yes! Sometimes it takes a reality check in the checkbook to help us focus on what is really important. But also I love how God opens our eyes to other truths He has "hidden" right before our eyes! When we trust Him with our wallets, we can also trust Him to bless the wallet after it feels depleted. God is good...all the time good!

  4. "What the enemy planned for evil, God planned for good." Joseph to his brothers. You have focused on the right things that these issues have uncovered.The need for the insurance change led you to find our about the condition of your roof. This in turn could have led to more and more expensive problems. God wokrs in wonderous and mysterious ways.

    1. Oh Thank you Cecilia, for reminding me of that verse regarding Joseph. That is SO true! Very good. Yes, God has taught me a good lesson this week...at first I was frustrated and upset that we would have to figure out how to do this financially, etc., but God showed me that He was protecting us from a bigger issue...and He would provide all we need to take care of it. So very thankful. Thank YOU for also noticing this blessing.

  5. Hi Pam! You are really 'focusing' on your days and life. What a wonderful witness you are to all of us. I'm sorry about your roof, but I'm so glad you can find a positive spin. Nothing that God gives us lives without the breath of God in it. Your focus will see that, and I can't wait to be enlightened by your view.
    Blessings in 'focus' in the year to come!


  6. Que bonito post, me he paseado por tu bloc y me ha encantado.
    Te animo a hacer una ojeada en el post de esta semana y seguro que veras algunas ideas realmente interesantes.Deseo que te guste y si es así me alegraria que te hicieras seguidora. gracias por visitarme.


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