What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?

What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?
Remember: "When God closes a door, He always opens a window!" You never know what might be out there waiting for you!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

"Blessings In Disguise"

When I mentioned in my blog post HERE yesterday, that I was reading the Sugarcreek Amish Mystery Guideposts series book one, "Blessings in Disguise",
the neatest thing happened.  One of my long time ago high school friends, whom I haven't seen but maybe once in the past 50+ years since graduation (and she was in a younger class than I), sent me the most astounding message....but first let me get the timing right for how this happened. 

I finished reading this library book around 9:15 p.m. last night. I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to find out if our library had any more of this series available. So I went online to the library website and discovered that they only had the next two books out of some 27 books in the series.  I was kind of bummed about that, but at least thankful that they had the next two, so I placed my order online for them to be sent to my local library branch, and then I would be able to get them in a few days when they arrive.  During this time of confinement I am doing a LOT of reading, and I like to read good Christian fiction, and especially enjoy "mysteries".  This is my evening entertainment since I rarely watch TV.

Well, no sooner had I taken care of that order, I looked at my cell phone and saw that I had a message from my friend.  Now, we knew each other in high school and because we have the history of attending/graduating from the same school and from a hometown where everyone knew everyone, we have gotten reacquainted on Facebook. Nevertheless, I was surprised to get a private message from her. And even MORE surprised at her message at that particular moment.
She said that she saw that I was reading this book series, and that she has practically ALL of the books in that series, and that she would LOVE to GIVE them to me "if you can use them".  She also reminded me that she doesn't really live very far away, maybe 20 miles, and that she would be very happy to deliver them to my front porch today so that I don't have to come out...

I was flabbergasted in a very happy way...I couldn't believe the timing of her message...but I thought, "God, that was YOU, wasn't it?"  Yes, I am sure God put that thought into my sweet friend's mind to bless me today with these books...and what a "Blessing in Disguise" (not so disguised) it is:

 Just look at this bag ripping open at the seams it is so full of good books to read:

Overflowing with wonderful stories to keep me entertained for quite a while, and then I will pass them on as she requested...

I LOVE the card she printed to give me along with the books:  Isn't that the truth? Except I haven't been thinking much about cleaning the house since my surgery...I let the guys take care of that...

My friend Linda is a retired nurse, and she was very careful that we practiced "Social Distancing", so no hugs allowed.  But we did meet on the back deck so she could see the pond and hubby took our picture together. But, Gosh, I really wanted to hug her!!!! What a blessing...no disguise about it at all.

And even though we weren't able to have "church" today, I think we had "church". This is the church in action, Christ's body reaching out to another to bless us.  A bag of great books to a person who is in "confinement" due to surgery recovery as well as the current corona-virus crisis is a very special gift, and I am so very thankful for my friend being an ambassador of God's love to me today.  Thank you, Linda, and thank YOU, Jesus, for giving her that idea at the perfect time! Just another example of "God's perfect timing".

Now I need to cancel that order at the library, and go sit down and start reading!  Wow! I am still amazed! 

Here's another of those "Amish Proverbs" found in one of the books:

Good thought to close on today.  Kind of goes along with "'Tis better to give than to receive", but in today's situation, I am very blessed to be the receiver. But when I get finished with these, I hope to be a good giver and spread the blessing forward.

Have a blessed day, my friends!!!


  1. Isn't it simply amazing how God works? Thanks, Pamela, for sharing such good news in this time of stress and worry. These look like great books to read, and I will definitely look into them.
    Keep on healing!

  2. God is forever gracious and faithful to His children!
    What a remarkable story and testimony showing fourth the goodness and love of our Great and wonderful God!

    I so enjoyed stopping in for a visit...your posts always bring a smile to my face and heart~

  3. What a sweet blessing you received. Enjoy your readying time.

  4. Our God is just amazing!! I smiled all the way through this post, Pam. You look great, by the way!! So happy to see your smiling face!

  5. I think it is so wonderful that God sent you those books!! And not only the books but an old friend too. Hope your infection is going away!!

  6. Isn't it beautiful how our Lord blesses us in so many ways? I'm very happy for you and glad you are recovering so quickly from your surgery. I would love to read some of your books when you are through with them. I too, am spending a lot of time reading now that we're homebound. Just one more thing to be thankful for: good books and great friends. Love ya

    1. You will have to come and visit when we are allowed to do so and I can save the books for you to enjoy. Take care of yourself and your sweet Woody. Love you both.

  7. What a delightful surprise!!! I can see why you were so excited to share this story with us. What a dear friend she is to share of her bounty with you!

  8. No doubt in my mind, but that God orchestrated all this. Such perfect timing isn’t coincidence . Enjoy your time of reading.

  9. What a lovely friend and what a blessing. I love it when God gifts us in ways that we know for sure he did it! Praise God. As for my reading, I was very fortunate to get to the library just before they abruptly closed due to the CV-19. I only had 3 books on hold and now I cannot get more physical books as they are only loaning digital ones. It's a good thing I have many more books on hand of my own that need to be read and also the Good Book! I am also sleeping a lot as I'm fighting a wee cold that comes and goes so easily. I'm glad to see you are not over working yourself and that you are recovering well from recent surgery. Hugs. xx

  10. Pam: I'm glad you got your books. I read the one that came in my mail and then seleced one that I bought at Christmas time and never got into it.You will like this. Our pastor has a You Tube message every week. Because of the virus rules, he closed the church for at least two weeks and decided totspr thr message last night for us to see it today.

  11. Only God's doing. I love it when that happens! Thanks for sharing and have a most blessed week, Pam!

  12. I'm so glad you shared this....it just makes us all happy to see something good happen to someone special like you! That just gives us all joy! You'll love having these books to read in order now! And that old housework will just have to wait! lol You are sure looking good. I know you still have to take it easy for awhile but now you'll have lots of books to read. And this sunshine is welcome! Take care and stay healthy my friend. Hugs from close by, Diane

  13. This is wonderful and I do believe God is in our most minute details. I hope you enjoy them and that was very sweet of her.

  14. Oh this is a great post! God is definitely at work during this time!

  15. Oh, just look at all those blessings, Pamela, yes, God truly cares about everything in our lives, enjoy those books, and rest, continued prayers for complete healing.


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