What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?

What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?
Remember: "When God closes a door, He always opens a window!" You never know what might be out there waiting for you!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Welcome to "Our Neck of the Woods"...And Time for Praise and Prayers

 Remember this sign from our previous house? It used to welcome guests to our home...and I just found it in a box here in our new house and decided it needed to come back out and welcome our guests to "our neck of the woods" again. However, we really don't live in the woods like we used to, and we don't have any bears walking through our yard, and haven't seen a deer yet either, although we know they are around...just not here yet.  But we still believe that we live "where life is good", and there is still "Fresh Air, Star Gazing, and Quiet Spaces"...it's just a little different than before...

I also found my favorite "moose pillow", which was a gift created by our dear friend Sharon, who went to be with the Lord this past August after a hard fought battle with lung cancer (and she never ever smoked).  Sharon created this wonderful, soft leather pillow for me to hold close after the passing of our son to cancer over five years ago. Little did she even think that I would now hold it close in memory of her as well...

I also found my little pictures from the windowsill at the other house...favorite photos and things that make me smile.  This tiny little picture that says: "Remember, When God closes a door He opens a window"...I found this in a store while looking for Christmas gifts for others...and this just popped out at me and I knew it was God's special little Christmas gift to me that year...since that goes along with my blog title...

The family photos are each very special to me...no need to explain...I was missing having them out where I could see them, so decided it was time to put them up on my new "windowsill"...which is actually the breakfast bar, but it is above the kitchen sink, so I spend a lot of time here...

One of my favorite things: "Just as God gives the birds an abundance of seeds, He send us His blessings and cares for our needs."  Also note the little Chinese fortune cookie proverb that I've taped to the bottom:  "Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings while the dawn is still dark."

Here's one of those little birds now:  This Wren jumped up on the chair on the deck after the rain the other morning...
 He's definitely one of birds that sings the loudest as he goes about gathering food and building nests for his family. I love how they like to come close to the window where we can see them now and then...

And here is a new bird seen on the pond last evening...a "Cormorant".  We were enjoying watching him until something spooked him (or he saw a fish) and he dove down into the water and we never saw him come back up. I'm sure he did somewhere, but just not in our view...

If you are a Facebook friend, you've already seen these photos, but this was me relaxing on Sunday afternoon in my little den.

Hubby snuck up behind me and took these pictures while I was reading a magazine...

I said thanks that at least he didn't take a picture of me taking my Sunday afternoon nap...

I do want to give thanks to the Lord for some answered prayer this week. Yesterday I went with one of my dear church friends to visit her doctor in the city.  She was very concerned about a test that she was going to have to do, because there was concern that she could possibly have cancer.  She had already had some other tests, and this test could confirm that possible diagnosis. We prayed prior to her going in for the test...(as had many friends/loved ones been praying ever since we'd heard of it).  Praise the Lord, this test showed that there was NO sign of cancer. What a great relief and answer to prayer. How we rejoiced and then we celebrated by doing some shopping at Hobby Lobby (my first visit there!) and then out to lunch at Red Lobster!

God is so good...and we give Him praise for the good things He is doing in so many ways. This was just one example (but a great one!)

However, as I close this tonight, I want to request prayer for one of our blogging friends, Annie at "Cottage by the Sea".  She requested prayer for her granddaughter, a.k.a. "our famous anonymous kid", who apparently has a kind of aneurysm in her brain.  I don't know any other details, but please keep Ann and her granddaughter and the family in your prayers.  

There are many examples of Jesus' healing in the Bible. I do not believe that was just for then and not for now. I do believe that God is still working in the lives of His children today. I was just reading in Luke 8:41-56, which gives several stories of Jesus healing...the woman who had the issue of blood for 12 years and came from behind him and merely touched the hem of His garment, and even though there was a huge crowd pressing against Him, Jesus felt her, and even knew that power went out from Him...and He said to the trembling woman, "Daughter, be of good cheer, your faith has made you well. Go in peace." (verse 48)  And then as he continued on His journey to Jairus house, whose daughter was dying, and when the people came to Him and said she had already died, Jesus said "Do not be afraid; only  believe, and she will be made well."  
(Verse 50)...and Jesus healed her...

I pray tonight that God will indeed hear our prayers on this dear young woman's behalf. Thank you for praying with us if you feel led to do so. Amen.


  1. Pamela, I'm so happy for you, finding some of your precious treasures to put back on display. Isn't it wonderful to look at these things and remember precious events from our lives. My heart is heavy for Annie's 'famous anonymous kid.' I have already been in prayer for this precious child. My heart was lifted with your praise report for your friend, love hearing about these blessings.

  2. Thank you so much Pam. Her name is Kathryn and she is one of the most precious and loving people you would ever meet.She gives of herself tirelessly for others and never asks for herself. She has an aneurysm on an artery near the Circle of Willis which is where all arteries and veins flow through the brain. These kids are my whole life. I can't tell you how uplifting this post was for me. Many hugs dear friend.
    Between prayer for her and for dear Toni, its been a long day.

    1. Thank you, Ann, for sharing Kathryn's name with us and telling us a little more about her. I have been praying for her throughout the night...every time I'd wake up you and she would come up before me in my thoughts, and I knew God wanted me to pray. Praying that she has had a good night, and that they are able to do whatever is necessary to bring healing to Kathryn. God is working on her behalf...and we will keep praying. (((hugs))) to you today. Yes, I was also praying for Toni. I am sorry I didn't mention her as well.

  3. Hi there Pamela, a lovely post full of precious memories. I like the moose pillow your friend made for you. I also like many of your mementos that bring memories close when you see them. I am happy to see you are making nesting places in your new home and I'm sure you will have many happy memories there. Thank you for letting us know about the anonymous kid (Kathryn). I will definitely put her on my prayer list.

  4. So thankful for answered prayers for your friend. I certainly will remember Kathryn in my prayers. Your home is lovely. The moose pillow is certainly very special. I wish you a very nice weekend.

  5. You look so comfy sitting there. Praying for Annie's Granddaughter

  6. Pamela, I so love how your new house is becoming a cozy and welcoming home. Displaying prized photos and possessions can be so uplifting and comforting.
    I've added Kathryn to my prayer list, too. May Jesus' healing power be with her.

  7. Prayers lifted for your friend's granddaughter and will continue. The power of prayer is tangible in my life and in yours and so many others. Praise God! I love those photos of you sitting in your rocking chair. I love a good rocking chair and you look so comfy!! Happy weekend!

  8. Indeed, keeping Toni and Kathryn in prayer...thank you for brightening my day friend. s miles

  9. This was a lovely visit! ☺️

  10. Such an interesting post. Loved the pictures, memories, the special touches in your home. Answers to prayer and new reasons to pray -- which are opportunities to see our Lord at work yet again.

    (catching up a little late here as I am visiting family out of state right now)

  11. Pam, I enjoyed this glimpse into your life. Your new home looks amazing.

    Love and blessings!

    1. Pam, your lovely new home looks so inviting, warm and cozy. I have mentioned before how you and I are so alike when it comes to those things we desire to have around us that bring us joy and have wonderful memories attached to them. I know I can't take them with me when I leave this world and that's okay...I won't even have the desire for them anymore once I see Jesus' face. Lovely post, my friend!


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