What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?

What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?
Remember: "When God closes a door, He always opens a window!" You never know what might be out there waiting for you!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Practicing Hospitality via the Internet

Romans 12:10 says, "Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another."

As I started writing this last night I was reflecting back over the events of the day. My day started out with the slamming of a door, sent through my trusted friend, my email. While scanning through the emails that had accumulated overnight I noticed a generic electronic message of rejection from the HR department of a business in which I had just had a second interview a couple of days ago. As I left the "peer interview" spent with five staff members, who had each grilled me with their routine stock questions, I was told that I was definitely in the "top three" being considered for this position. Of course, I have heard this numerous times over the past seven months of my employment search. That statement along with the supposed encouraging words that I should be "so proud that you have even been called in for an interview since we had well over one hundred applicants for this job..." hasn't done one thing to further my career or my bank account.

Obviously I was a bit angry to receive this email first thing in the morning, not to mention just downright discouraged and frustrated. However, that resounding closed door spurred me to start searching for that open window that I know God has waiting for me right around the corner. Somehow in my distress I stumbled upon this "blogspot" and decided to give it a try. Now, I don't know exactly where this will lead, if anywhere, but for now it appears to be an open window. Through this window I can see great potential for growth, encouragement, and possible ministry...not just for myself, but hopefully for any readers who may stumble upon this and feel led to voice their opinions, words of wisdom, or thoughtful insights, which leads me to the following:

The second door I heard slam was in a message I received on my Facebook post. One of my facebook friends, whom I have never met in person but with whom I have enjoyed a rather interesting and delightful dialogue of diversity in opinion and thought, made the statement that she was going to have a cup of hot tea. I chimed back that I love hot tea, and would she mind if I joined her? Perhaps the suddenness of my intrusion into her privacy stunned her, and she immediately responded that only if I stayed in my own house! I guess I was a little taken back by her response and so I thanked her for her "warm hospitality", but she had no fear of me flying through the computer to her door. My friend further explained that she is agoraphobic, and the mere thought of someone inviting themselves to tea at her home threw her into a panic, even though she knew there was no real way that I would actually be coming to her home. I apologized and reassured her of my sincere desire to continue our communication via facebook, and that perhaps we could share a cup of tea while visiting online. Another friend chimed in with the idea of a "virtual cuppa tea". And so another window in my mind popped open...using this blog as a "virtual cup of tea"; a way to visit and share ideas, dreams, perplexities, concerns, prayer needs and answers with my friends...perhaps a way to unlock some doors for those who feel trapped or lonely or afraid because of the pain and hurt they have already suffered outside that door.
I don't pretend to have any answers in my own strength, but I know Who holds the keys to unlock all the doors of our hearts and minds. I also know that there is comfort and strength in the presence of One Who desires to come in and visit with us and even dwell within. That is my prayer for today...that whatever is said or done here will be used for God's glory and our edification. Especially that we will be "kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly (sisterly?) love, in honor giving preference to one another..." that's what this blog is all about.

So, pour yourself another cup of tea, coffee, latte, or a smoothie, and sit down and chat with me for a while. Maybe we'll share more than just a "cup of virtual tea"...maybe we'll even open some new windows together as we move beyond those closed doors.

Some food for thought: What are some of the "closed doors" you have experienced in your life, and how have you seen those closed doors help move you toward an "open window"? Let's share some ideas and experiences that may help others in their journey.


  1. Pammy, how nice of you to invite me to tea. You know how much I adore a cup of tea and a good visit.

    On the subject of closed doors though, I am one of the really annoying people who have never looked at a closed door as anything but "this was not meant to be, at least not now." (The eternal optimist!) I praise God that I am blessed with this spirit and realize it is a gift from Him. I wish I could bottle it for my friends and family who struggle with doubt, questions, direction, etc. I DO struggle sometimes with hearing God the first time. I often need a brick up side the head! A closed door however, is hardly a passing thought. "Well, that didn't work out. What's next."

    As you know, I was part of the corporate world (air line industry) for many years. I spent a good part of that time as a manager to a staff and a large front line population. I loved the people with whom I worked but never felt effective in the administrative area. (It felt like baby sitting to me and I didn't like baby sitting when I was a teenager!) I had the opportunity to work on a project to create a new air line, within the existing one. I have never been so exhilarated. I loved every minute of the project. Alas, once the project went to the suits at the home office to make decisions I had to return to my desk job. All I could think of was I wanted to work for that new air line but I knew the opportunities would be at the home office and I was not willing to move.

    Shortly after the attacks on 9-11-01, all the air lines began to cut service, flights, employees, etc. Guess what? My position was eliminated. My boss assured me I would be protected with some kind of management position. My immediate response was, "I don't want to be protected. I want to go back to the front line and fly for the new air line."

    I did just that and it was the happiest three years of my career! After three short years though they (the idiots) decided to do away with this wildly successful branch of our company. Now I had new decisions to make. To make a long story short, I retired. I applied with a different company (for a flight attendant position) and never even had an interview. Since my resume' is good, with lot's of experience, I did not take it personally. I knew God was guiding me in a new direction.

    Of course, you know my direction and it has been a huge blessing. I thank God I didn't get that job because it would have kept me from doing what I really love. It would also have meant I would have been gone from home 7 days in a row, twice per month. My husband would have been miserable! Is it possible you need a brick up side the head? Or maybe a baton?

  2. Rhonda, Ouch! That was a hard one! You know me so well! Ok...what exactly are you suggesting? I am all ears! Since I haven't been able to "make something happen" on my own, and I thought I had been seeking God's will all along and yet I haven't quite figured out just what it is He is asking me to do...I am opening the door to new ideas. Perhaps this is what God has been waiting for me to do all along! "Ok, Lord...I'm committed to this journey...so please lead the way!"

  3. Your book, your book! We'll talk Monday and in the meantime you keep praying. Love you, R


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