What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?

What Do You See Outside YOUR Open Window Today?
Remember: "When God closes a door, He always opens a window!" You never know what might be out there waiting for you!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Update on It's Harvest Time...Reposted for RJD

Today is Random Journal Day, which means that many of my blogging friends are digging into old journals and posting their personal "blasts from the past" for you to enjoy.  This particular post I have already had on here before, but the content is drawn largely from my old journal writings from many years ago, so I believe it qualifies for "Random Journal Day".

I just noticed that the leaves are starting fall from my sycamore trees in the front of our house, so even though it isn't autumn yet technically, it has started.

This is a repost just for the "Fall Lovers" out there... like me...who are stuck in Florida where true autumn doesn't really exist except in our minds and hearts!!

Nothing like being buried in the Autumn leaves!
My three sons... (Scott, Benton, and Matthew)...many moons ago...How I wish I could go back there again...
 (Nova, Ohio, 1979...wow...where did the years go?)

My Youngest Son (Scott) now...planting fall mums for his "Mum" (me) on my birthday! (this picture was from 2011..another time, another house)
Proverbs 31:16: "She considers a field and buys it. From her profits she plants a vineyard."

I must say I've considered lots of fields and have often wished to buy them, but, alas, right now our field is of a different form. It can't be bought and sold. It's the field of the Lord, and it is "already white for harvest!" (John 4:35)

Quite a few years ago when we lived up north, our favorite thing to do on a fall Saturday morning was to get up early and get a cup of coffee and tea and a bite of breakfast at the local drive-thru, and take a nice slow ride out into the country. After a hectic week of planning sermons, visiting the sick, elderly, and newcomers, (my husband's job); preparing the bulletin, typing letters, and attending ladies' meetings, taking care of the family at home and the church family, etc....(my job), it was so refreshing to just get away from the phone, the traffic, and hustle bustle of our modern suburban living and get out into the country where people really know how to live! Our favorite route passed by many small farmsteads with fields of corn or hay or soybeans ready for the harvest. We usually wound up at one of the many local apple orchards for a cup of hot cider and fresh warm donuts and a brisk walk through the orchard. The apple farmers were just as busy as the grain farmers gathering in their crops before the winter. It's such a joyful time of year. People are excited about gathering pumpkins, squash, gourds, Indian corn, and other fall decorations to bring the beautiful fall colors into their homes. The big thing in that area was for kids to take a wagon ride out to the "pumpkin patch" and pick their very own pumpkins. I saw a lot of adults rather enjoyed it as well.  Here in Florida we don't see the real live pumpkin patch like you do up north, but we do have pumpkin patches where the pumpkins have been trucked in from other places so the kids can still have that fun experience.

Deep in my heart I longed to just linger on the farm and become a part of it. I guess because I was born on a farm I've never gotten it out of my system. The sounds, smells, and activities of farm life really make me hunger for that kind of life. But God has called me to a different kind of farm, and a different harvest field. The crop is far greater than corn or wheat or apples. It is the souls of men and women and children. Although I don't think that my particular spiritual gift is "soul-winning", there are many steps that must be taken before the harvest can be reaped. Someone must plow the field, others must plant the seed, still more are needed to water the seed and yet others must pull the weeds and watch for pests who come to destroy. All are an integral part of God's plan, and none are more important than the others.

Christ said in John 4:36-38 that "he who reaps receives wages, and gathers fruit for eternal life, that both he who sows and he who reaps may rejoice together. For in this the saying is true: One sows and another reaps. I sent you to reap that for which you have not labored; others have labored, and you have entered into their labors."

Maybe someday I'll be able to buy that field and plant a vineyard, and even though we are no longer in "the ministry" in the same way as we were in years before, I still remain in God's  harvest field and must do my part to prepare the way for His return. Perhaps someday you and I will rejoice together as sowers and reapers who have seen the fruit gathered in for eternal life! That will be a glorious day!

Matthew 9:37-38 "The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest."
Isaiah 6:8 "Also I heard the voice of the Lord saying: 'Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?' Then I said, 'Here am I! Send me.'"
Are you willing to go out into God's harvest field today? He may be calling you!

This was on my Grandpa's farm back in the early 1940's. My Grandma Tedlie is on the far right. The other people are some of my cousins and my Aunt Belle. It was harvest time. Most of these people are already enjoying their eternal reward in heaven.
Now That's What I Call Autumn Leaves!

I hope you enjoyed these gleanings from the memories of my past. May your harvest days be full of joy and blessings and peace.

Now skip on over to my friends at http://beneaththesurface-dawn.blogspot.com/2013/09/random-journal-day-link-up-september.html and see what memories they have stirred up.


  1. A great post, Pam. Love the pictures, too.

    Just thought I'd mention, I still pray for Matt daily. Thanks for keeping us in the loop on how he's doing.

    I never lived on a farm, but love the atmosphere - my dad's family were all farmers, except my grandad - who ended up a policeman instead. But I still remember my Aunt Lulu's farm - especially the big farmhouse kitchen where everyone gathered.

    Blessings on you and yours.

  2. Hi Connie! I would think you could totally relate to this, living so close to the farm country as you do...when we lived in that same area is when I probably wrote this, either there, or in Michigan after leaving Englewood. I love those big old country farmhouse kitchens. Wish I had one now!!!

    Thank you for your continued prayers for Matthew. He is doing pretty well right now...but still has a way to go. They have said his treatments will last until at least January...which is a little longer than we were anticipating, but they want to be SURE it's all gone. So we will trust God and continue to pray for the best.

  3. Lovely blog and the photos are cute I love the one with the little girl standing in the middle of all those pumpkins. Jesus talks about the harvest is plenty full but the workers are few..

  4. "Chosenwoman"...thank you for your comments and for "stopping by to visit". I love how God is bringing new friends into my life everyday this way! We are all a part of that great harvest field...either as a worker, or as a plant ready for the harvest. It's an exciting time to be alive in the Kingdom of God!!

  5. Pam, beautiful memories and pictures. I especially loved that you took those rides and they brought refreshment to you and your hub...I could picture this and understand completely. You are such a blessing to your family and all of us who get to hear of your stories past AND present (with pics). Imagine if you had facebook then? It would have been harder to get away. Come to think of it...there is such beauty driving down the roads in Fall and I think before all this connection there was a different kind of peace and quiet everywhere. Maybe...
    HUgs, and thank you for your portion as always.

    1. Oh thank you Dawn. I am so glad you understand and appreciate fall like I do...you are blessed to still live in a region that actually has fall. I get my fall "fix" each October when we go to Maine to visit our son and his family...I can't wait! Wish you could meet us there!!! Wouldn't that be a hoot? Blessings to you my sweet friend. I would love to give you a real hug in person some day!!!

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, Pam. I love the way you've shared about your love for farming, the joy in harvesting and then relate it to the spiritual aspect...loving others to Jesus, sharing His Word, praying, being a friend...it's all a part of His plan to bring others to Himself. How privileged we are to have been chosen to be the way He wants to share His redemptive plan with others! Love your heart, Pam!

    1. Dianna, you have the gift of encouragement! Thank you for your kind words. This is what our life should be all about...all the more so as we see the day approaching when Christ will return for His own! I wanna be ready!
      Thank you for visiting again today. You are a blessing.

  7. I am in love with the photos. Really good post! We are going into fall, the weather moody and the farmers busy in the fields harvesting.

    1. Thank you, Mystic Mom! I'm glad you enjoyed my early fall thoughts. You must be living in the beautiful farm country that I miss and love. Enjoy your harvest time! It is such a special season in more ways than one.


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